Why Gaming Chairs Have Become Popular Even in Work Environments

Physiology experts give advice that adopting the right sitting position promotes good body posture that helps in keeping our spine and musculoskeletal healthy. While ergonomic chairs have been introduced as modern task chairs that provide health benefits, the use of such chairs still require adoption of proper sitting posture in order to be completely effective. Nowadays, the better alternative are gaming chairs.

Reference to good posture denotes keeping the key parts of the body properly aligned and at the same time receiving the right amount of muscle tension as support

According to scientists, a good posture can help reduce the strain on the body, as well as the wear and tear on the muscle, ligaments and joints, especially during extended periods of activities.

Actually, a person’s sitting position can also be influenced by a person’s height, the size and type of chair used and the movements involved while seated.

While using an ergonomic chair is better than using a regular office or task chair, there are certain actions that one needs to make to ensure that the ergonomic health benefits of the chair can be attained; such as:

  • Refraining from crossing one’s knees or ankles;
  • Keeping a small space between the chair and the back of the knees.
  • Keeping one’s elbows at the sides in a way that they form an L-shape in the arms.
  • Viewing, reading or looking forward without straining one’s neck, while keeping the shoulders relaxed at all times.
  • If using a chair in which the back support is not in contact with one’s lumbar or lower back, use a cushion as additional backrest.
  • Positioning one’s ankles in front of the knees, as opposed to tucking them behind and under the chair.
    Allow the feet to stay at rest by letting them lay flat on the floor or on a footrest.

Actually, modern office spaces are now customizing employee workstations by adding standing desks as alternate position. Others allow workers to use gaming chairs, add a footrest, use wrist pads, headsets or a different type of keyboard and mouse designed to reduce neck and shoulder strains.

Can Gaming Chairs Really Make a Significant Difference?

Sitting in a regular office chair forces the spine to support the torso, arms and head against the downward force of gravity. When seated for hours in a single position, the back gets tired from the strain.

As a result it causes the spine to curve and assume a slouched position. Once this becomes a regular occurrence, slouching becomes the body’s normal sitting position. It will take more than the suggested actions mentioned above to correct the posture, even while using an ordinary ergonomic chair.

Today, in many work environments where employees spend long hours seated in front of work stations, gaming chairs are now common as seating provisions.

Mainly because gaming chairs come with features that work together to take the strain off the body; instead of the user needing to keep a conscious effort about keeping body aligned and of properly placing the arms, legs, feet and ankles in the right positions. At the end of the day, the benefits of gaming chairs for employers is that employees will have increased their productivity.

Still, affordability can become an issue and it’s but natural for employers to buy the best gaming chairs at the best value. In Ireland, one of the leading brands is the Kirogi Gaming Chair, to which the most in demand is the gaming chair with footrest model.