Increase IQ: Tricks Used By Scientists

The 21st century marked the beginning of an era in which scientists can enter someone’s brain to see how it works. Thus, they discovered that the size and weight of the brain do not depend on IQ. Nowadays, you can easily find IQ test gratis online.

IQ test: Myths that have been dismantled about brain activity and productivity

IQ test:  The brain never gets tired

The brain cannot get tired when doing intellectual activities. But psychologists claim that physical condition influences the power of concentration and daily activities. Recent research showed that you work better if you hear the sound of the waves. You feel the sea breeze, are surrounded by shades of blue and feel the hot sand. That’s why you regain your energy much faster near the ocean.

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IQ test: You will not become a math genius if you draw

Whenever you can’t solve a difficult problem or you can’t decide what to do, start drawing. This activity activates both hemispheres of the brain and you will get a good idea much faster. Integrated studies show that children learn math better and memorize information faster if they have illustrations at hand.

IQ test: Swings are for children

If you swung when you were little, certain parts of the brain responsible for the ability to speak and process information can develop better. The reason for this is that this balance strengthens the vestibular apparatus and orientation in space, proven by astronauts.

IQ test: Parapsychological skills do not exist

Experts often observe that a sixth sense in people who have certain organs more developed than others, for example, those with visual impairments feel the space around them. They focus more on what they hear, smell and feel. In order to function properly, their brain creates a map based on all this information.

Try a few times a week to do normal things with earplugs, try to walk with your back turned and play various logic-math games.

IQ test: Chess is the best activity for the brain

The brain works better during complex physical activities. During a diversified workout, the hormones responsible for memory, the assimilation of new skills and the preservation of nerves are produced.

Don’t just rely on chess and intellects to develop your intellect. You must go swimming, dancing and yoga to develop your whole body.