E-books – What Are They And What Are Their Advantages Over Physical Books?

As the years passed, the way people read as well as learn has changed so much. While there are people who still turn to physical books to educate or entertain themselves, others rely on e-books and they are now becoming increasingly popular as time goes by.

E-books – What are They?

Essentially, e-books are digital versions of physical books. As more and more people are finding e-books more beneficial, several books are now available in digital version and many authors choose to publish their work in e-book format.

E-books can be accessed and read on various electronic devices, such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or a dedicated e-book reader. Among these devices, a standalone e-book reader is an option that many have a preference for because of the features it offers that other electronic devices don’t provide, making the e-book reading experience of users even better. Check out  to find out more about these dedicated e-book readers.

The Numerous Advantages of E-books

So what makes e-books so popular among people? Apart from not losing your bookmarks and no dog ears on pages, e-books have other numerous advantages over physical books.

  • MORE PORTABLE: Storing physical books could be a struggle so is carrying them around. With an e-book, several could be stored on a single device. A standalone e-book reader allows you to search, purchase, download, store as well as read as many e-books as you can. This makes them ideal, especially when you are always on the go. For students, textbooks in digital format makes it more convenient and easier for them to carry them around.
  • AVAILABILITY: Since e-books could be produced much more quickly compared to physical books, e-books are more available and easier to find. Readers would be able to get up the latest information on certain topics, book releases or events. Moreover, if ever there are mistakes, e-books are much easier to correct and where more information could be added easily.
  • EASY CUSTOMIZATION. With the help of an e-reader, the display such as the font size of the texts and the intensity of the backlight could be adjusted for a more comfortable reading.
  • MORE ENGAGING AND INTERACTIVE: Again, with the help of an e-book reader, you could jot down notes, underline, or highlight texts. E-books also have searchable text, dictionary and thesaurus for easy word definition look up.