Ways Technology Improves the Watch Business

The watch industry is experiencing a renaissance, with new brands and customers emerging. Since the demand for watches has increased again, manufacturers are investing in production and research facilities to expand their businesses. 

Whether you’re an investor for automatic Watch Winder, analyst or just someone who loves watches, keeping tabs on the industry can be challenging. The watch industry is fragmented; there are regional and brand-specific suppliers as well as distributors that work with several different manufacturers. If you’re looking to invest in this growing business, here are three ways technology improves the watch business.

Better Supply Chain Management

One of the main drivers of the growth in watch sales is the rise of the online shopping experience globally. Digital buyers are more selective than ever and can visit a range of different sites to find their perfect watch. That’s why brands have invested in online experiences that are completely tailored to the watch buying journey.

A New Platform for Brands to Engage with Customers

Along with the rise in quality, social media has given watch brands a new way to engage with customers. The top-end brands are investing in influencers, as well as hiring in-house social media managers, to create a consistent and authentic voice. 

As well as creating a consistent voice between brand representatives, social media calendars are being used to showcase new products and interactive campaigns. This allows brands to create a sense of urgency around certain products. It’s not just about brand awareness — it’s also about more sales. 

The best brands are using their online presence to drive people to their website and driving sales through their e-commerce platforms.

Digital Marketing and e-Commerce

E-commerce platforms have been a major driver of sales in the watch industry. The top-end, luxury brands have been investing in e-commerce platforms to drive sales through their own websites. This has allowed brands to discount products, creating a sense of urgency around certain products. 

Selling directly to customers through their own websites means that brands don’t have to split their profit with distributors. This has made way for lower-cost watches being sold online. Online marketing is another area where brands are investing. They are using digital advertising platforms to drive traffic to their websites. This is a quick and effective way to drive sales.