Scientific Research on Mobile Communication Devices and Health

In recent years, the relationship between mobile communication Devices and health has become increasingly important in science. The researchers are gradually looking at the situation of whether the electromagnetic fields of mobile communication devices can have a detrimental effect on health.

When a subject like mobile telephony and health is discussed in public, politicians and other stakeholders become more interested in offering additional financial resources to ensure public awareness. As a result, in addition to the regular research that currently occurs at universities and colleges, further research programs will be introduced. The funds made available by mobile network operators, for example, enabled the slew of new research projects in the field of electromagnetic field effects.

communication devices and health

Scientific research on cellular communication devices and health

Many people previously neglected individual aspects of science, such as electrosensitivity, which were revealed as a result of a large number of works on the electromagnetic fields of mobile radio. These research results are constantly debated in science, and they also act as a springboard for new inquiries. Furthermore, it is important that the study findings are interpreted and described in a way that is easily understood by the general public. This is the only way for each individual to get a better view of the situation. Political decision-makers, for example, collect the data they need to define the legal framework.

Expert panels for research evaluation

Expert bodies such as the International Commission on Radiation Protection ( ICNIRP ), the World Health Organization ( WHO ), and Federal Commission on Radiation Protection ( SSK ) helps to examine the current state of science on mobile communication devices and health on a regular basis.

They assess all published articles and studies and present the findings in research papers. The appraisal of analysis is a crucial foundation for social debate.

The experts also give recommendations that serve as an important guideline for decisions in politics and administration. They therefore also intensively check whether the work at hand meets scientific standards.

On the basis of the current research results, the expert committees unanimously come to the conclusion that if the limit values ​​are adhered to, safe use of mobile radio technology is guaranteed for all groups of people. Nevertheless, they see a need for further research, especially with regard to the long-term effects of mobile communications on people. The question of whether children react more sensitively to mobile phone fields than adults should also be clarified in ongoing long-term studies.

Mobile communication devices are very useful nowadays, particularly for people who live far away from their families; however, scientific research shows that frequent use of such devices has a detrimental effect on people, so they should not be used minute by minute, and you should also pay attention to your health.

This video serves as an example of how much radiation you are receiving from your mobile phone.