Science: Knowledge About the Natural World

In Science, assumptions are seldom accepted. Presumptions are more likely to be considered for it has basis and mostly come from facts.Ā Understanding Science is acknowledging the explanations of the existence of everything. Through it, evolutions were traced and continuance is being proven. What are the proofs that Science can explain almost everything?

  1. Human Evolution. From the being that is said to be what we were to the actual being of us now. Every stage was different but changes and improvement were seen and proven. The thing that our religion is really against up to now.
  2. Chemistry. The compounds and elements that were used and still being used for experiments, indeed exist. In fact, there are elements that are really important in our lives, for humans to live.
  3. Physics. The branch that explains and proves the calculation of the movements of things and even people. These are not just experiments but are facts done and shown through computations.
  4. Natural processes. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation. That explains water absorption that will eventually becomes rain. Natural cycles that even predict bigger events.
  5. Life cycles. If humans have evolutions, animals have cycles. Science was also able to explain and study the life cycles of animals. Even the lives that maintain the balance in the environment.

Indeed, if we are going to talk about facts, Science can be considered the best way to learn anything and everything. It may not be as simple as purchasing a machine from, but digging deeper about it through books, internet, and simply listening to Science educators is worth it. People may have different beliefs because of religions. It does not mean that one is wrong and the other one is correct. It just varies on how we take the truth basing on what we believe in and what we are actually witnessing.