Experts and Scientists: Usefulness of Apps


An Open Letter

A group of 60 scientists and experts urged to critically investigate the usefulness and need of the Corona app. The letter states that the Cabinet is carefully considering the social and legal benefits of the app. They before deciding to use them.

Last week, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health, Welfare, Sports) announced that the Cabinet would release two mobile apps. These should help contain the further spread of the coronavirus. One of the apps allows users to report virus symptoms. Other apps can warn you if you have come into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus. It’s unclear exactly how this app works. Details have not been disclosed.

“Apps should not undermine rights and freedoms,”

This group writes that the use of the app should not affect basic rights and freedoms. “The use of technology to combat the corona crisis must, in any case, be time-limited, absolutely necessary, proportional, verifiable, transparent, verifiable, and voluntary.

According to scientists and experts,

The use of tracking and health monitoring apps is very radical. They also believe that they set a precedent for future use, even after a crisis. “They don’t just affect (data) data protection. They interfere with freedom of association, security, health, and non-discriminatory rights.
Scientists recommend first examining the impact of these apps on social systems and behavioral patterns. B. The impact on GGD and test labs should also be considered.

Cabinet seeks help from businesses and professionals

For the past few days, the Cabinet has invited businesses and experts to provide ideas for developing and using apps in the fight against the coronavirus. You can submit suggestions for developing and downloading the app, for example, Cydia download.

This requires special requirements to be met. For example, an app may not use data that can be traced back to an individual. Minister De Jong-ge called privacy protection “essential.” Follow the latest developments on viruses on the live blog.

Coronavirus overview

* Coronavirus spreads primarily through sneezing and coughing droplets. Most patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms. These are symptoms.

* Read some rules here to contain the outbreak.

* These measures have also been translated into Arabic, English, Polish and Turkish.

* The Corona Guide gives you an overview of all the information you can trust and what you should do and what you can do now because you have a lot at home.