The Ways Technology Can Help People With Disabilities



Technology is changing the whole world. Cellphones and internet access are offered in even the weakest nations on the planet, as well as for people blessed enough in order to pay for the most recent gadgets, the pace of technological change might be deciphered. For some folks, new technology might be hugely life-changing.

Over a million individuals worldwide have some kind of handicap. That is 15 percent of people residing now. 360 million people worldwide have moderate to profound hearing loss, 285 million individuals are visually impaired (3 9 million people who are blind), 75 million people desire a wheelchair (which, just 5-15% have use of at least one and some even try to find the right bumper mounted wheelchair carriers).

Technology may reduce barriers which individuals with disabilities encounter in their everyday lives, such as speaking, traveling, studying, and writing. It can let them engage and revel in the advantages of the electronic society, together with using exactly the exact same use of advice regarding everyone else. And, perhaps above all, new technology may allow individuals with disabilities to behave independently from others should they need (at precisely exactly the exact same time as linking them together with people around the world).

We spoke to Nicolas Huchetfounder of My Kit, an organization that will help assemble engineers, developers, and also other technically-skilled individuals who have individuals who have disabilities. Hutchet needed a job accident in April 2002 and also lost his hands, also in 2012 he detected open-source applications and 3D printing. With the aid of a neighborhood Fab Lab, he created a model of a low-cost 3 d printed pragmatic hand.

How did he presume his business, My Individual Kit, can aid in improving accessibility for individuals who have disabilities?

My job is all about blending high technology and low tech, making it accessible to people… Thus, it has run using the principle of a “Fab Lab” or manufacturing laboratory; in different words, it has an open-source workshop that anybody can visit to. Therefore, what you would like to create is an individual laboratory, a manufacturing lab that combines teachers, engineers, taxpayers, disabled individuals, and also individuals who want some thing to mend themselves. And you would like to generate this distance so people may interact and present sense into the endeavors they develop and utilize technology to the sake of every one.


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For an alternative perspective, we spoke to Helga Stevens, a Belgian MEP together using all the New Flemish Alliance that had been born deaf. As a policymaker and an individual coping with a handicap, how can she think technology could aid in improving individual living?

What exactly does she think she’s, along with other policymakers, may perform in order to ease the production of new tech? If she simply escapes the way and lets innovators do this item? Or are there any items that the policymakers are able to do to encourage and assist the spread of access technology?

Finally, we inquired Nicolas Huchet on just how reachable he presumed these new technologies are. The purpose of the 3 d printed robotic hands is to send cheap artificial limbs for folks who couldn’t pay for this tech. Nonetheless, it appears to be an intricate procedure to publish and build this kind of limb. Can these new technologies just be designed for your own highly-skilled?

This is actually the objective of our institution, and it can be called My Individual Kit. You would like to show you never need to be especially proficient to have the ability to make utilize of a 3D printer.

I myself am an engineer, also that I really don’t understand just how to code. However, I have an expertise, and that’s my handicap, because I am lost my limb. That really is my experience, but this is my own skill.

Thus, it isn’t merely about technology, it’s all about that which we humans have or do not possess which makes us expert at something. And there are the men and women who understand the tech, which is by blending these individuals who interesting things happen.