Unprecedented Growth of eCommerce Stores like 랭킹닷컴 and the Whole Industry


If you are business is online such as 랭킹닷컴, then it is operating under eCommerce marketplace. You probably have a bunch of products offered to consumers from consumer electronics, skincare products and a lot more.

Marketplace Trends

The buzz about sharing marketplaces and economies began long years ago. Today, more than half of all the purchases made are done online. However, you ought to know as well that customers are not just buying stuff over the web. Services are quite popular for buying and selling as well. In this regard, you may think of Uber and Airbnb which changed the landscape for the marketplace industry. This literally enabled everyone to share and make money.

Manifestation of eCommerce

Today, if someone would ask you to buy brand new computer accessories? Perhaps, you may think of Amazon. How about if you or a friend is looking for a used electronic keyboard, there will always be eBay! Even with handcrafted stuff, you can find a lot of awesome finds in Etsy.

From this, you can see that in almost any category, there is one that has dominated the market. The continuous growth of online marketplaces and eCommerce only means ever-changing development. Following are just some of the features you may expect from these leaders and may be adapted by small businesses too.

Smart Speaker and Voice Commerce Integration

Believe it or not, there are over 50 million people in the US who have upgraded their homes with voice-controlled smart speakers. These are frequently used for a number of purposes such as education, entertainment and of course, online shopping.

The market for personal voice assistants, as you can see is rapidly growing. From Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, all of these technologies are widely used for a number of purposes.

AI Chatbot

Chatbots are not strange in marketplace projects. On the other hand, normally they are not much help because of the poor structure it has. Many of the inquiries made by customers are misunderstood and because of that, the purchases made do not actually go through. Though it is not in its full capacity yet, chatbots are used to help automate customer experience.