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Exploration Station Area, sponsored by you?

Become a Room or Area Sponsor!

Dentist Office, sponsored by you?

Hot Wheels sponsored by

Weather Room, sponsored by WKTV, Quadsimia, WUTR, GE Elfun's & advantech.cny

Long House,
sponsored by

Our Bank, sponsored by you?

Birthday/Community Room, sponsored by you?

Grocery Store, sponsored by you?

Front Doorway area, sponsored by GE Elfun's

Police/Fireman Station
, sponsored by?

Restaurant, sponsored by you?

School Room/Lab
, sponsored by you?

Clothing Store, sponsored by you?

Workshop, sponsored by you?

Playspace for Juniors,
sponsored by you?

Arts & Crafts Area,
sponsored by you?

Story Telling/Reading Room,
sponsored by you?

Computer Area
, sponsored by you?

Post Office, sponsored by you?

Musical Stage Area, sponsored by you?

Science Area
, sponsored by you?

Technology Area
, sponsored by you?

Dinosaur/Fossil Area,
sponsored by you?

Surround Sound Theatre
, sponsored by you?

5th Floor Renovations,
sponsored by you?

Become a Room/Area Sponsor for The Children’s Museum!
What’s in it for You:

  • Exclusive Children’s Museum sponsorship in your industry or market, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You can decorate your chosen sponsorship area with your company materials suitable for a children’s museum.
  • Positive P.R. on our website, in our newsletter, our Museum, our Sponsors Board, anywhere we can market you!
  • Pride that you are part of keeping the doors open at a great historical, educational, and enjoyable local landmark.

Download the Room Sponsor form (on the back of our Gala Ad Form) and Check out the choices & contact Sponsor Chair Marlene Brown for further details, or call Marlene at 315-724-6129 to set up a meeting at the Museum to view the room/area you're interested in. There's nothing greater than giving back to your community, especially when it makes a difference in the lives of our children.

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