The Galaxy Rotary Club at The Children's Museum in Utica NY chartered by Rotary eClub NY1 of District 7150
The Galaxy Rotary Club
at The Children's Museum, Utica, NY
chartered by Rotary eClub NY1

Join The Galaxy Rotary Club at The Children’s Museum, to be chartered by Rotary eClub NY1 (whose 'earthly headquarters' is at The Children's Museum)

Its Members (parents & grandparents) will choose to attend meetings twice a month with their children either Tuesday or Friday at 11:00am or Saturday's at 11:00am & 1pm. Members will have access to the “Rotary Kids Room” at The Children’s Museum, and to a Book and a Coloring Book designed around Rotary's Four-Way Test, with information on Character Building, Honesty, Fairness, Ethics, Safety, and Friendship. We also plan on monthly webcam cyber meetings with families in India's Rotary 'Gurukulam Center'.

Our Galaxy Rotary Club will be targeted to individual Mom’s & Dad’s; Mom’s &/or Dad’s Club Parents; Grandparents; Home Schooler parents; Cub & Brownie Scout leaders. It will contain information on Character Building, Honesty, Fairness, Ethics, Safety, and Friendship: all the things we need to teach our children while they’re young, so they become instilled as a part of them when they’re going through the tough older years.

Become a Charter member and earn the following privileges:
$150. A year will include the following:
* a one year membership in the Galaxy Rotary Club (and Rotary International)
* access to the Museum and its four floors of exhibits
* admission cards for both parents and grandparents
* a Coloring Activity Book designed around the Four-Way Test
* 1/2 Activity session Tuesday or Friday at 11:00am & Saturday's at 11:00am or 1:00pm
* be invited to a June 2008 Rotary event where you’ll meet current Rotary Int’l President

Join here via our secure shopping cart or download membership application,
(Charter event to be held late May/early June)

View Rotary eClub NY1 website * Email for more info

Requirements for starting a new club
For Rotary International to continue its vital humanitarian work and expand its service to communities at home and abroad, its membership base must continue to increase. In recent years, charter members of new Rotary clubs have been a vital element of Rotary’s membership growth.
Consider starting a new club in your district if
• Alternative meeting times would benefit the community

District governors are responsible for approving and overseeing the process of starting a new club, including appointing a special representative to guide its organization. Those interested in organizing a new Rotary club should contact their district governor and their RI Club and District Support representative.

New clubs must
• Adopt the Standard Rotary Club Constitution
• Have a minimum of 20 charter members
• Elect officers
• Pay a charter fee
• Hold weekly meetings
• Choose a club name
• Be approved by the RI Board of Directors

To be a member of the Galaxy Rotary International Community means:
You live or do business in any Rotary District in our Rotary world.
* You are a contributor to society in your profession, occupation, industry, business, or community role.
* You commit to the personal ethic of Service Above Self, The Four-Way Test, and support the Object of Rotary.
* You have been invited by a Rotary sponsor to join The Rotary Galaxy Club and approved for membership by its Board of Directors.

* You are willing to participate regularly in the Rotary Galaxy Club Community and as appropriate and feasible you are willing to accept a leadership role.
* You are willing to be challenged to financially support club projects - including the Rotary Kids Room the Cyber Club has chosen at the Children's Museum and the Rotary Foundation.

* You are prepared to pay current dues of $150. annually.

Where does our Rotary membership dues go:
Breakdown: Rotary International dues (includes Rotarian magazine); District 7150 dues; Galaxy Rotary Club dues and Projects.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Galaxy Rotary Club of District 7150, we welcome you to apply for membership.

Here are the steps you'll take:
1.) Complete the appropriate fields on our Application Form for membership in our Club.
2.) Have your sponsor
e-mail Rotarian Marlene Brown with his/her recommendations.
3.) Send your $150 yearly payment via our secure shopping cart.

Once we've received all three of these, we will take the following steps:
4.) we will email you of your acceptance into our eClub.
5.) we will request you email us your picture to add to our Membership page.
6.) we will email you your Rotary Galaxy Club Membership form.
7.) we will add you to the member database at R.I. and email you of this

Your responsibility as a Galaxy Rotary Club member would then be as follows:
- Attend at least two meetings a month in the Rotary Kids Room at the Children's Museum
- Complete 10 service hours per 3 months (quarterly) which could include either hands-on activities in The Children's Museum (our earthly headquarters where we have a Rotary Resource Room); Visiting other Rotary Clubs anywhere in the world (email those reports); helping with a Rotary-related fundraiser (each event counts for 1 service hour per quarter).

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Be a Friend of the Children! Invest in our Future! We’ve continued our growth as a tourist and quality of life attraction with the activities & exhibits we provide for school & daycare providers, families & scout groups, while continuing the energy efficient renovation of our building. We’ve opened four of our five floors; installed new windows/heating units/air conditioners/exhibits, and were just designated a NYS & Federal Historic landmark. Download form here.


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