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.The Children's Museum PSA Promo "The Faces of the Museum"........The Children's Museum PSA Promo "The Faces of the Museum"
Click above to view the awesome new Children's Museum PSA's "The Faces" & "Coins", produced by Proctor Academy C’s Liberal Arts and Human Services Media Production Technology Program, directed by Alexander J. Wysocki.

The Children’s Museum proudly announces another Proctor High School, Children’s Museum collaboration. We have already begun a collaborative project with Proctor’s Academy A’s Principal Rich Ambruso, his team, and Academy A students. They are already at work making signage for the museum’s 100’s of Pavilions for the 1,000’s of exhibits on our four floors as well as robot exhibits to enhance our Science programs. They had previously taken part in last spring’s Science & Technology Fair at the museum, and last June’s NASA International Space Station program at the museum.

Proctor Academy C’s Liberal Arts and Human Services Media Production Technology Program, in conjunction with their Channel 10 Program, are filming a promo commercial as a community Service Project in conjunction with the American Red Cross Learn and Serve America "Diversity Youth Corps". The people involved in this program are Proctor Academy C’s Principal Laura Vieira-Suarez (who is also the Channel 10 coordinator), Michelle LaQuay, Fred Valantini (producer and director for Channel 10 productions), and Bobby Holmes. The Channel 10 staff also includes Mr. Seymour as the Media Production Technology Instructor, and Rob Acey as the technical support. Academy C does several "community Service projects" through Channel 10, which is an educational access channel run in conjunction with Adelphia Cable. Alex Wysocki, a Utica native and Proctor graduate who earned his degree in videography/cinematography from Ithaca University and now lives in L. A., directed the production. Pictures of the making of the video appear below.

December 2005, the filming of a video





June 2005, Color/Honor guard from Proctor High School's JROTC at Children's Museum's newest NASA exhibit
June 2005, Proctor Academy A Principal Ron Abruso announces new collaborative project with the Children's Museum

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