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Our Play Space

Children are the exhibit in PlaySpace. Here infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children with special needs can find toys and activitites helpful to their learning and growth. Older children are welcome to help and watch these young children play. Adults in the PlaySpace can observe children in various stages of development, talk with other parents, learn home activities and explore resources for parenting. There is also a mini-library located in PlaySpace, which provides children's books and a quiet place to read. Every day of the week, at 11am, there's a special program just for pre-schoolers. Come enjoy!

Our Main St., USA

A birds-eye view of Playspace

This train for pre-schoolers is popular

Enjoying storytime in Playspace

Little ones enjoy Museum's lifesize toy train in PlaySpace

Hey, look at what I can do, Dad!

Pint sized tables are just the thing

Dad watches while kids enjoy stuffed animals

Mom & youngster enjoy reading room

Puppet Storytime in PlaySpace on the 1st floor w/Miss Marcia for the Oneida Area Daycare Center & Syracuse's Mommy & Me Daycare

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Community Events

Fall Fest brings rides, games, & fun!

Our Annual Wine & Art event in the Park

We participate in Utica Monday Nite

We hosted the OD's blood drive

Baby Dino Bones rides along with staff & kids in Mohawk Valley's July 4th Parade

Christmas On Main Street, an Annual event where kids of all ages enjoy!

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