Children's Museum Utica NY Spring Break activities
Paper Cities Exhibit
by 10 year old Vincent Ruggio - May & June, 2008
at The Children's Museum, 311 Main Street, Utica, NY

FRIDAY, MAY 23rd, 11:00AM, GRAND OPENING WITH MEDIA. And Vincent will do a workshop with children visiting on Friday the 23rd & Saturday the 24th, showing them how he makes his buildings!

In May & June we're featuring The Vincent Ruggio "Paper Cities" exhibit! Vincent, age 10, of Manlius, will exhibit his "life’s work" throughout the months of May & June at the Children's Museum at 311 Main Street in Utica, NY. Ruggio has devised his own measuring system and designed scale models of buildings from all over the world, made of fax paper. More than 100 of his buildings in the "Paper Cities" exhibit will be on display in the museum. Named after the artist Vincent Van Gogh, he will be the first child to have his own art exhibit at the Children's Museum. According to his mother, Ruggio has never had an art lesson but came up with the idea & method for creating the miniature buildings on his own.

"This is very exciting for our museum" said CM Executive Director Marlene Brown. "This all set into motion when Vincent’s mother contacted me about her very special, talented son. After seeing his incredible world of ‘Paper Cities,’ handmade scale replicas of famous buildings made of fax paper, we decided to do something very different and feature Vincent as a presenting artist. Vincent is an inspiration for children, artists and adults alike. We invite the entire community to come visit this special exhibit and see for yourself what the imagination, dedication, heart, and unstoppable talent of a 10 year old artist can produce."

Ruggio says he dreams of being an architect and can create a scale model of anything that he sees, just by studying it. A home-schooled student, he is also well versed in world history and politics. He speaks basic German, plays violin and piano and composes on piano. He studies music in Canastota, and attends Monarch Rock Home School. Recently, he presented a special children’s exhibit of his "Paper Cities" at the MOST in Syracuse & RCC in Rome.

"I love to be surrounded by art," Ruggio said. "I’ve been building paper cities since I was 9 years old. I got inspired by seeing buildings in pictures, in the media, and in real life. I feel proud when I make them and especially when I make an original."

Vincent has been building with blocks since he was a year old. He’s worked with all types of blocks; plastic, wooden, Legos, magnetic, and now builds paper skyscrapers. He has also worked with clay, finger paints, watercolors, and chalk. When he was 3½ he was allowed to informally enter a painting he titled "The Fountain of Unicorn" in a Breast Cancer Awareness Art Contest in Louisville, Ky. At age 5 he was allowed to display an 18x22 multimedia poster board in the children’s section of The Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls, S.D.

"My favorite tool is tape because it’s the most important tool I use," he added. "Tape reflects light and gives the illusion that there is glass in the windows. When I look at a piece of blank fax paper I see a future building in my mind. The paper is the building before it is made. I begin a piece by drawing with my pencil. I created my own measuring tool out of paper so I can make my buildings to scale." Ruggio says most of his buildings take 20 minutes to 5 hours to build depending on the amount of detail involved.

Below: Vincent, his parents and CM Bd member Mark Crever setting up the exhibit

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