Feb. '02 Art Contest & Special Programs

Children ages 3-15 participate in the 1st Annual Children's Museum Art Contest, sponsored by Dr. Sanjeev Vasishtha

Creating and enjoying

Judges & President Marlene

Young artists happily create

1st place winner's picture (above). Other pictures & winners follow below.

Gus Napoli, Hall of Frames, presents Sports Memorabilia

Tim Butcher, BNY, presents juggling

Adults & children enjoy juggling

Janice Rolling does "Storytelling"

Adults & children enjoy the program on beekeeping by Ellen Meyers, MVPC

Cristine Shahin-Wood, Kids Against Pollution, presents "Acid Rain / Clean Air"

Don Zyga, CM docent, presents train tour

PRI's Paul Harnik presents "Dinosaur Science" & "Ancient Seas over NY"

Matt Renniger, Eclectic Catering, presents "Cooking for Kids"

Miss Mary & Miss Lucille present "Music for Munchkins"

Utica College Gospel Choir's "Angelic Voices of Unity"

Children enjoy dancing & singing along

Stevens Swam presents "Adopting Adorable Animals"

Miss Sherry presnts on "Care & Feeding of Children's Museum Animals"

Anthony D'Apice on "Model Making" with a display of his lifelike exhibits

Michele Napoli, CM Birthday Coord., presents "Arts & Crafts Fun"

Ann Urbanik & her NYS Twirlers present program & children try twirling batons

Utica/MV Train Assoc. member Doug Preston presents "Train Tours"

Learning about the four trains

Patrick Scalise, Scalise Tae Kwondo, presents program w/his students

Audience enjoys Tae Kwondo program

Becky, Thanh & Hamilton College students present program on "Fossils"

Learning about Archaeology

John Weber, GE Elfuns, presents on "Favorite Places to Experience Trains"

Suzie Lamm, Colgate Univ., presents program on "Planets & Solar System"

Making Planets

Creating and enjoying

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CM February '02 News:

Feb. 2002 CM Volunteers: The Children's Museum is grateful to always be able to count community volunteers. This month was no exception. The volunteer spirit began with the 1st Annual Children's Museum Art Contest, sponsored by Dr. Sanjeev Vasishtha. The art created by the 32 children who entered the contest is on display on the 3rd floor of the Museum. Winners include: Emily Torbitt, Fransisca C., Nicole Briata, Victoria Fevolo, Aakash Vashishta, Malini Verma, Anthony LaPorte, Hannah Ruzala, and Alya Suliman. Several consolation prizes were also given. Our thanks to Dr. V., his volunteers, and the judges.

The month saw several programs presented every Saturday and Sunday, as well as every day during the school break week. Giving of their time and talent were: Becky Kessler & Thanh Bui; Gus Napoli; Tim Butcher; Janice Rolling; Christine ShahinWood; Paul Harnik; Matt Renninger; Lucille; Utica College Gospel Choir; Stevens Swan Humane Society; Ellen Meyers; Doug Preston; Patrick Scalise; Suzie Lamm, Dr. Sanjeev Vasishtha. Their efforts qualify these folks to join the growing ranks of our Children's Museum Community Heroes! To pictures * To top * To text

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