Events at the Museum in June

Utica Monday Night Events * Young & Old Enjoy the Museum

Introducing Monk for an evening of blues & jazz for kids of all ages

Utica Monday Nite Director Lynn Mishalanie watching with delight

Off to the side of Baggs Square Park, kids enjoy Elizabeth's bear & cub sculpture

And in another part of the Park, a bug hunt takes place!

Upstairs, a new Museum pet arrives!

Downstairs, Monk involves the audience

The audience enjoys the evening

A younger saxophonist joins the pro!

Monk shares background information

The crowd grows as music fills the air

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Young & Old Enjoy a Day at the Children's Museum, including the Board

"Paving Stones" created by Liz and children for the Museum's Bagg Square Nature Trail

Among children who've contributed to art projects are Desiree Allen, 5th grade at Columbus School, & Sarah Watson, 8th grade at West Canada Valley

Working drawing of Museum's Nature Trail - will connect Park's "Wild Area" with outdoor reading area

Bee Project done by CP kids for "Living Science Learning Center"

The Iroquois Long House, an exact full-scale replica located on the 2nd floor of the Museum, a permanent exhibit.

Museum educator sharing "Long House Education Program" with Gabriel Gaetano of Rossi Adv. (l.) & Board mbr Valerie Cognetto (r.)


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