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Earth Week: we celebrated April 17th-22nd. Invite / Events & Hillary's Letter
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Linda Murphy,WRCK FM; Tulio Dellaquila, Aquatic & Exotic Pet Store; Bobby Martin, WRCK FM; Matthew Dennison of Impressions Limousine Svcs, delivering turtles

Tulio delivers Eager and Ernest, the Museum's new turtles, to our Educators Mary Hall and Alicia Skaly Back to top

Rick Charette performs at Stanley Theatre

Rick Charette, of Rick Charette & the Bubblegum Band, performs at Museum.

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Breaking News from the Director:

May 11th: Tulio Dellaquila of the Aquatic and Exotic Pet Store, and Linda Murphy and Bobby Martin of the Morning Crew of WRCK FM, delivered two Eastern Painted Turtles by Limousine, chauffeured by Matthew Dennison of Impressions Limousine Services.

May 11th: Rick Charette & the Bubblegum Band performed their Family Fun Concert for children ages 3-11, blending original contemporary pop music lyrics with imaginative activities. An enjoyable and educational night was had by all in attendance!

May 10th: On Wednesday, at Music for Munchkins, Rick Charette was on hand to tell everyone about his 7pm concert on Thursday May 11th at the Stanley Performing Arts Center. I will ask Rick to do a Turtle song that evening -- he's got alligators and Mud -- maybe there's a turtle song in his repertoire! Tulio will give two 2" Turtles to the Museum -- one to be called Earnest and the other Eager (in honor of Anxious).

May 3, 2000 - Anxious, the beloved 5-inch turtle, is missing and presumed kidnapped from his aquarium at the Children's Museum! No one has seen the little Eastern Painted turtle since Sunday and Museum educator Alicia Skaly said "there's no way he crawled out of his aquarium by himself". A small reward will be given to the person who brings Anxious back to the Museum. Anyone who has information may call the museum, anonymously, at 724-6129 and ask for Alicia Skaly. The Museum asks folks to be on the lookout for Anxious as he requires special food bought at a pet store.

Museum environmental educator Mary Hall found Anxious three years ago crawling on a road in the Adirondacks. The Children's Museum became his home a year ago, where he was used to teach local children about sustaining life in the Adirondack foothills. Eastern Painted turtles can live in still or running water and love the sun and warmth. 5 inches long from nose to tail, Anxious is dark green with a hint of orange on his face, and yellow around the bottom of his shell. The turtle's small eyes are known to follow someone intently when they are feeding him. This is the first time the Museum has had theft problems. Let's hope Anxious returns home safely.

Rick Charette and his Bubblegum Band are back! On May 11th at the Stanley Performing Arts Center, they will be performing a Benefit Family Fun Concert for children ages 3-11 that blends original contemporary pop music lyrics with imaginative activities. Call 724-4000 for advance sale tickets of only $8.00 for adults and $6.00 for children.

Saturday night, April 29th, at the Stanley before the Utica Symphony Performance of the Planets by Gustave Holst, Elizabeth Leyh, the Children's Museum's Artist-In-Residence and some of the kids who created the planets were brought on stage with their creations to take a deserved bow.

We are proud to have Sturges Manufacturing as our newest corporate sponsor. They join our other sponsors, shown on our Membership page. And if you haven't looked at the guest book, then please do so to see the great comment from Metropolitan Life Foundation's Irene Wong.

Bill Steppe of the Elfun Society went over final details before ordering our new Weather Station--- the room on the Third floor is wired for the Internet and preparations are underway for this exciting project. The Laser Table is almost finished and the Magnetic Exhibit is 2/3rd's complete!

Free pass coming soon, with a "Color the Dinosaur" contest! Stay tuned for more details!

Please look for the April Fingerprints in the mail --it has exciting news about Earth Week and Earth Day 2000. Bill Steppe, Elfun Coordinator, called from vacation in Fayetteville to tell us that GE has okayed our request for a Weather Station on the Third Floor of the Museum.

Matt Dinardo of WKTV says Vic Vetters of WKTV has okayed WKTV Weather School Programs to be held at the Museum. Christine Wood of Kids Against Pollution has reported that NYPIRG will add a special exhibit about global warming to the Weather Station.

Also, speaking of great TV folks ---thanks go to Barbara Roberts of WUTR who chose the Children's Museum to submit a $25,000 grant to the WKTV's parent company to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Also WCNY for a great 7 minute video piece about the Museum that aired on Monday morning.

Marlene Brown, who attended our brainstorming meeting on Thursday evening in early April, reports that the website is almost ready to go "live", and that there will be more exciting developments in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Speaking of the meeting, it was very productive -- thanks to Val Cognetto and Darlene Mahady and Duke Mosakowski for putting it together and all of should send thanks to Gina Rossi and Gabriel of Rossi Advertising, Jane Clark of Jane Clark Inc, along with Marlene for their input and thanks to the Board Members and to the staff for attending.

Elizabeth Leyh, Artist-In-Residence, thanks for taking time to attend, even though her Mom is ill and her son was in town for only two days -- she impressed us all with her great work. Thanks to our educators Alicia and Mary for their wonderful presentations.

On the subject of Marketing advice, Jack Moran of Clear Channel Radio, who was invited but could not attend, is setting up a meeting with the marketing rep for Clear Channel radio and me (and any one who would like to join us) --the time has not been set. Please let Sherry know if you are interested. Remember Jack's great work as the Media Sponsor of Fifth Day and the great p.s.a's he did for the Museum during the Flood closing.

The diorama's have been looked at by an Expert Restoration artist and the Insurance on this and other objects lost in the flood is near a monetary resolution. We are working on the "Temporary" photographic display that will replace them while they are being repaired (paid for by Insurance).

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Letter from White House

On April 29, 2000, Hillary Rodham Clinton sent the following letter to the Stanley and the Museum.

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to send greetings to each of you attending the Classic Series concert of the Utica Symphony Orchestra.

This is an exciting moment in human history -- the beginning of a new century and the next millennium. In the summer of 1997, the President and I created the White House Millennium Council to develop ways to engage all Americans in marking this milestone. One of the most powerful ways for us to imagine America's future is to preserve what we truly value of our past. The arts have always been a unifying force in our world, bringing people together across vast cultural, social, economic and geographic divisions. It is my hope that projects like those spearheaded by the Utica Symphony Orchestra will encourage a national effort to take this unique moment in time to ensure that we pass on to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren both the symbols and the gifts of liberty and creativity that make us who we are.

A nation's greatest resource is its people, especially its children. We now have very significant and compelling research that the arts can be a powerful force in boosting academic performances. It is through a national commitment to education that we have the best opportunity to lift up all of our people to enable them to take advantage of the opportunities that will be available to them in the future. Projects such as the one created for The Planets by Gustov Holst enable a new generation of audiences to make the arts a permanent part of their lives.

Please accept my thanks and my best wishes for a wonderful concert.

Sincerely yours,

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Celebrate Earth

Earth Week events help young people learn. (4/7/00 online edition of Observer-Dispatch)

Thirty years ago this month, a few activists, to the disinterested shrugs of mainstream America, declared something called Earth Day to start warning Americans about the damage being done to the environment.

Times have changed. Now, protecting the environment gets vast support, even if the methods about how to do that often provoke very deep debate. Helping young people learn about what they can do to change the future so that society and the environment can coexist is a major challenge facing us all.

Fortunately, there’s some help coming the region’s way from April 17 through April 22. During those days — when most area schools are closed for spring recess — the Children’s Museum will be hosting events to show children what they can do today, and what they need to think about for tomorrow.

“Earth Day 2000: Holistic Living for the New Millennium” is the first major public project from CONNECT (Commitment Of Non-profits to Networking and Enacting a Collaborative Task force) for Youth Families and the Environment. The coalition includes the Children’s Museum, Kids Against Pollution, the Peacemaker Program, House of the Good Shepherd, Family Nurturing Center and Utica Zoo.

Together, these agencies will be putting together programs that not only help young people understand how they interact with the environment, but also how they fit into the ever-changing society around them. On that week of April 17, school will be on vacation. But at the Children’s Museum, there will be wonderful lessons that will help young people not only today, but for years to come. Source: Utica Observer-Dispatch


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Earth Week events at the Museum's Fun & Educational Times!

April 17th: Director Tony reports that "Today at the Museum, we opened Earth Week with lots of special programs and exhibits. Lynn Mishalanie told stories of the Roman Gods for which the planets are named; Cornell Cooperative Extension did two special programs on the effects of tobacco and alcohol on the human body; the big event of the day was one in which children and families found bugs in the Living Science Learning Center by following clues (it was hands-on and fun and kids got to use the microscopes).

Baby Brac has gone into storage for a few months, and the new Dinomania Exhibit, by Dave Yahnkey and his MVCC Sculpture Team, made its debut! Liz Leyh and her ARTTEAM are hard at work on the possum and other additions to the Bagg's Square "Nature Walk." The Utica OD has been keeping area folks up-to-date with museum happenings. Keep tuned!"

April 18th: Today, Evelyn Murphy, Executive Director and Charles Schneider, Musical Director of the Utica Symphony Orchestra, talked to kids and their families about Gustav Holts "The Planets" Suite which the orchestra will perform on the evening of April 29th at the Stanley. The kids learned about the Planets in our solar system, the Roman Gods whose names they bear and the music Holts composed to evoke the power of the gods.

April 19th: We were delighted at the large crowd that showed up at the Children's Museum today. We had mover a hundred paid admissions, in addition to the regular Wednesday morning members for Joanne Yacovella and Music for Munchkins. We hosted a special birthday party. And our ARTTEAM under the direction of Elizabeth Leyh began serious work on the Planets for the Utica Symphony Orchestra's Program of April 29th. Next week, the planets that are created will be sited (some as far away as Little Falls) in the Mohawk Valley in proportion to size and distance. The closest planet to the sun (The Stanley) is 32 inches in diameter and 1100 feet away. The farthest (Pluto) is 1/2 inch in diameter and 21 miles away!

April 20th: It was "All About Plants" day at the Museum today. We had large crowds, including two busloads of kids from Syracuse. The day started with "Redwood Mary" telling kids about the giant Redwood and Sequoias of the Far West. Then Ann from Woodland Essence demonstrated her expertise with herbs. Jean of Jean's Greens showed kids how to make tea bags, and they got to sip some of her brew. Paul Mutha started his garden in Bagg's Square Park with help from some local kids. We also got a visit from Smokey the Bear, always a favorite at the Museum.

April 21st: It was understanding Extinction Day at the Museum today. We had an exciting program by the Utica Zoo Zoomobile; and hands-on activities with animal footprints in the Birthday Community Room. Carolyn Tewsbury, a Clinton High School student came in with her winning Utica College Science Fair Project which mapped the surface of the planet Venus, and shared her research with the children. Dr. Rob Ross, Educator and Paleontologist of PRI in Ithaca, made a return visit to the Museum to talk to kids about the extinction of the dinosaurs and modern day extinction's, such as the Dodo bird. An involved audience of kids and parents took part in this fun and educational program. Dr. Ross is a dynamic educator who involved kids in scientific discovery. He and other PRI educators will be working at the Museum and in schools in the Mohawk Valley for the next two years, thanks to a grant by the GE Fund.

April 22nd: It was A Day of Celebration at the Museum today. We had 300 people at the Children's Museum today for the first Earth Day of the new millennium, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, honoring the beginnings of the Earth. We had large crowds and special guests sharing in the celebration.

Among the featured guests sharing in the celebration were: Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito, and representing Mayor Hanna - Tom Larrabee, City of Utica Commissioner of Economic Development. Kids from Kids Against Pollution emceed the program. Tom read a proclamation by Mayor Hanna officially declaring April 22, 2000 as Earth Day 2000 in the City of Utica. Representative Destito spoke of the new Baker/Ford and Orion Bus at Rome and some of the programs the State is sponsoring in cooperation with local governments. Congressman Boehlert told visitors about the new nonpolluting vehicles and other Earth friendly programs that are making our region a leader in alternative energy solutions to pollution.

Julie Rossicky told visitors about the CONNECT collaboration that put together the great programs during the week. Steve Cucci, a volunteer of Kids Against Pollution spoke eloquently about the dangers that pollution poses to adults and children alike. Refreshments were provided by Cafe Nero and by Tops Market. Jack Moran of WARM FM did a live remote from the Children's Museum. We wish to thank them and all the wonderful people from all the organizations that devoted their time, creativity and energy to Earth Week, and to Russ Davis, Dave Dudjecik, and Jim Murphy from the Observer Dispatch for realizing the importance that this Earth Day held for the Mohawk Valley.

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April 2000: Earth Week pictures & activities

Director Tony presents Congressman Boehlert with a Children's Museum tee-shirt

Congressman Sherwood Boehlert addresses crowd

Tom Larrabee reading Proclamation from Mayor Hanna

Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito at our Event

Celebrating Earth Day at the Museum: Congressman Boehlert, Director Tony, Evelyn Murphy, Assemblywoman Destito, and Christine Wood.

CONNECT: Julie Rossicky, Missy Hallohan of Selene, Director Tony, Carol Altemont of House of Good Shepherd, and Christine Wood, Director of Kids Against Pollution.

Hands-on Activities: with Animal Footprints in the Birthday Community Room

Pictured in the EcoHouse: Julie Rossicky, Executive Director of the Peacemaker Program, and Christine Shahin-Wood, Director of Kids Against Pollution

Dr. Rob Ross, Educator& Paleontologist of PRI in Ithaca

Dr. Ross fields questions from the youngsters

Carolyn Tewsbury, a Clinton High student, shares her winning UC Science Fair Venus project & research

Utica Zoo Educator Beth shows a chinchilla to one of our youngest visitors.

Paul Mutha started his garden in Bagg's Square Park with help from some local kids.

Paul Murtha's Table of plants

Jean of Jean's Greens showed kids how to make tea bags, and they got to sip some of her brew.

"Redwood Mary" telling kids about the giant Redwood and Sequoias of the Far West.

A delighted audience enjoys Music for Munchkins View more pictures on Fun Stuff page

Music for Munchkins Children of all ages dance, sing, and enjoy!

Hosting Birthday party
View more pictures on Play Space page

Viewing Hank the Snake M ore pictures on Living Science page

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Dr. Paul Preuss, President of the Erie Canal School Boat Foundation, Ltd., addressing Utica Rotary Club

L.toR. Paul Preuss, Don White - President of the Oneida County Historical Society, Kevin Marken - Executive Director of OCHS

Donna and Margaret of the Family Nurturing Center look over the tote board.

Judges for the "Family of the Year" Award reading submissions.

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