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Dan Buckingham, Sculptor, Professor at MWPI and Board Member of Sculpture Space in program explaining how sculptors work.

Kids of the Starts of Tomorrow program practicing a routine

High school students from Summer Youth Employment pose in Bagg Park after doing volunteer work at the Museum

Jordan Johnson having fun at Museum

"We're having so much fun!" Children involved in Monday Nite Sidewalk Chalk Art

Kids waiting to leave for Camp Cottleston

Above: Joyce Palmer, Presbyterian Home, dedicates intergenerational bird bath in their garden

Right: Elizabeth Leyh, Museum Artist in Residence, worked with children and senior citizens to create a Mosaic Birdbath

Museum rep & Utica GE Elfuns visit PRI in Ithaca

World's largest Euriptirid, on display at (PRI), Paleontological Research Institution found in Herkimer County

PRI will clean & study this dinosaur bone, from Museum of Natural History

PRI's collection (6th largest fossil collection in the world) includes sea & molusk shells

Bagg's Square Historic Park & Sculpture Space

The Weather link live on the Monitor, weather station sponsored by WUTR, Channel 20.

Artist Jerelea Semple working on "caryatid"

Joe & Alexis Ruiz help in planting the Native American Garden in Bagg's Square Park

Katherine Bazan, 11, from the town of Ohio, and Dana Irons, 8, of Utica, observe some of the aquatic insects that live on or in the Utica Marsh water, photo by courtesy of Sunday O-D

Gary Newman, volunteer for Master Gardner Program of Cornell Cooperative Extension, and kids planting gardens on June 6, 2000

Holly Wise of CCE and Johnson Park kids happily plant pumpkins in the rain!

Amy Cleary-Turner presents "Citizen-Soldier in Baggs Square Tavern"

Sculptor Jerelea Zemple busy working on her "Caryatid" Sculpture sited in front of the Old Tavern House in Bagg's Square Park

The progress of the Nature Trail - Two new gardens planted -- read more here

Sibyl Jacobson, President & CEO of the Metropolitan Life Foundation

Peter Schulz (R) removing Bagg's Hotel Diorama from the Museum to restore

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June 23rd: On Friday, CM rep, John Stephensen and Chuck Balser of the GE Elfun Society, Utica Chapter went to PRI (Paleontological Research Institution) in Ithaca and met with the PRI staff, Educators Dr. Rob Ross and Paul Hartnik, members of the MOST Museum in Syracuse, representatives of the Utica School District and the Syracuse Teacher Center, for a year end review of the PRI Educational Program in Syracuse and Utica.

Funded by a $50,000 grant from the GE Fund, the program brings state of the art, hands-on dinosaur, fossil and earth science education programs to the students and teachers of the Mohawk Valley and the Syracuse Area. During the past school year the PRI program reached more than 4000 students in the two urban centers and provided Teacher workshops through BOCES and the Utica Teacher Center for elementaryand secondary teachers. In the first year the program more than succeeeded its stated goals in our area; 48 school programs were proposed ---PRI did 55 school programs at the Children's Museums and schools throughout the area! 10 Teacher workshops from 1 to 1 1/2 hours were proposed ---PRI did 8 (two are scheduled in the summer) of 2 to 21/2 hours including a field trip!

Next fall, plans are underway for a web based data collection system to which students in Ithaca, Syracuse and Utica can submit data and do real science; and a museum exhibit designed and put together by students in each of the three cities. We are proud to be the partnered with two world class institutions providing exciting and dynamic science and education to our area.

June 14th: Thanks to Treichelle Johnson and WUTR for the great morning coverage on Wed 6:30am. Thanks to Marlene Brown and Technotouch for taking the photos and posting them on the website. Thanks to New Hartford Rotary for their wonderful contribution. Good Luck to Duke as our new Board President! Thank you, JoAnn, our outgoing Board President! Thank you, Mike, Kathy and all on the Board of Directors and our staff who made this such a great event.

June 5th: The rain didn't prevent our two events from taking place on Monday, June 5, 2000-the opening night of Utica Monday Nite and our planting of two gardens in Bagg's Square Park. At 5pm Mary Hall, the CM Environmental Educator, and Holly Wise, of Cornell Cooperative Extension, led a group of kids and adults in planting the Pumpkin Patch and the Native American Gardens.

Folks came from as far away as Rome to help plant the Pumkins and the Squash, Beans and Corn, the "Three Sisters" of Native American Culture. At 6:30pm, The Northern Frontier Project presented Amy Cleary-Turner, Education Director of the Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site and her program "Citizen Soldier". This is the 225th Anniversary of the American revolution and all the programs presented in the History Park Series at Bagg's Square Historic Park will focus on this important event in our history.

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June 1st: Passport to the Arts - 15,000 students in Oneida County will soon be given a Passport to the Arts of the New York Cultural Corridor. The Passport provides the opportunity for students to obtain free and low cost admission at over 40 sites in our area including the Children’s Museum. You can get a Passport at the Museum beginning in June.

After you have received six stamps, you are eligible to free passes to many exciting programs and events in the New York Cultural Corridor. Beginning in June, each student can receive up to four free passes and other rewards just by using their Passports! Ask your teacher, or call us at 724-6129 for more information. This program is made possible by the Arts Coalition of the Cultural Corridor, Oneida-Madison BOCES and is supported by a grant from the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties.

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The 3rd Annual Wine & Art Celebration: The Wine and Art Celebration is slotted for Thursday night, August 10th, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Come sample a large variety of wines from all over the world, sample foods from local area restaurants and bid on artwork from Central New York Artists.

Taste the Wine Each participant will be given 1 wine glass upon entering Bagg’s Square Park to use to sample all of the wines offered. Special water and dump buckets will be provided to wash out the glasses between each tasting to ensure a pure sampling of each serving. Also, for your convenience, a wine representative will be on hand to answer any questions you may have concerning the wines on display.

Taste the Food & Enjoy the Music While sampling the wine, take time to enjoy the variety of foods served up from some of the finest area restaurants while enjoying the sounds of a local jazz band.

Experience the Art A variety of artwork donated by local New York Artists will be displayed in the Stone Tavern Gallery. A silent auction will run through the night. Hand painted wine bottles (a favorite) will also be up for bid. Tickets for this summer evening event will be available at the Museum for $35.00 and $60.00 for couples. Call the museum at 724-6129 for more information or if you would like to volunteer your time or artwork to this unique fundraising event.

Comments from past participants: “It’s great to have a new and different kind of fundraising event…the food was terrific and I sampled some great Autralian wine which is still my favorite today. “ “ I loved bidding on the hand painted wine bottles. They were beautiful to give as gifts!”

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Children's Museum Camp will be held again this summer -- July 10-14th --! During the week of July 10th, your child can spend time at Camp Cottleston on Butler Lake with the Children's Museum. The camp is on established summer youth camp for children ages 6-16 in the Adirondack Foothills (just 35 minutes north of Utica) and offers day programs from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Your children can be given the opportunity to swim, hike, learn about the environment, and take part in a variety of sports activities. The Museum will supplement the regular camp program with a variety of educational programs given by a Museum Educator or special guest.

To make it convenient for working parents, a bus will pick your child up at the Children's Museum at 8:00am and bring them back to the Museum by 4:30pm. You can go to work this summer knowing your child is in a safe, fun, educational environment. The camp is chartered by Herkimer County. Weekly Rates: $85.00 for Children's Museum Members and $95. for non-members. Prices include bus transportation to and from Camp plus lunch, a great deal for for both parents and kids. Call the Museum at (315)724-6129 or stop in to review a brochure about the Camp Cottleston program. Health forms and registration forms available at the Museum in June. Free pass coming soon, with a "Color the Dinosaur" contest! Stay tuned for more details!

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May 31st: Elizabeth and her ArtTeam continue working on the 'Nature trail" (view pictures) featuring Mama Bear and Cub. Two new gardens have been planted: a. The round Native American Garden planted with the "Three Sisters" corn, beans and squash. b. The Pumpkin Patch, planted with a vaiety of pumkin plants chosen for size and uniqueness. The Pumpkin Project will begin at 5pm on Monday evening, June 5th. All summer there will be fun projects related to the pumpkins (the first gift from the Mohawks to the first European Settlers) -- in celebration of History and Nature -- leading to a "Fall Festival" on September 30. Back to top

May 29th: Artist Jerelea Semple began work on a "caryatid" sculpture she is creating at Bagg's Square Historic Park for the 25th Anniversary of Sculpture Space. Jerelea began last week making adobe bricks out of of dried horse manure at Sculpture Space; then she carted them to the site where she will create a "block" from which to carve her sculpture. Although she bases her idea on the ancient Greek Caryatid (a statue of a maiden that was used instead of column to support the pediment of Greek Temples), Jerelea explains her sculpture is not eternal like the classical Greek ideal- it will break down in time and fertilize the gardens of the Park. A WUTR news crew followed her every move as she delivered the bricks to the site. (view pictures)

Soon we will have a new sculpture to accompany our Mama Bear and Cub. Speaking of Mama Bear and Cub- Elizabeth Leyh and her ArtTeam have been readying the paving stones for the 'Nature trail" --it will soon be winding its way through the "Meadows" of Bagg's Square Park. And have you noticed that two gardens have been planted? An American Indian Garden and a Pumpkin Patch unveiling on Monday, June 5th at 5pm, in conjunction with Utica Monday Nite. Back to top

May 17th: On Friday May 19, Tony visited Metropolitan Life Foundation Office in Manhattan. He spoke with Irene Wong of Metlife about the Museum's programs for the coming year. While there he traded a new Erie Canal SchoolBoat Tee-shirt for a Met Life Snoopy IPO Tee-shirt. is sponsored by a generous grant from the Metropolitan Life Foundation. (view pictures)

May 18th: The four dioramas that were damaged in the January flood have been removed and taken to Syracuse to be restored by Peter Schulz, a respected restoration expert. (view pictures) While the Dioramas are away, four color photographs by photographer Gil Farley have been installed in their place. These photos show what the four scenes looked like after they were damaged by the flood. To see how they looked before the flood, click on our Diorama button. Back to top

May 19th: The Children's Museum would like to thank Robert and Gail Philipson of New Hartford for the donation of a 50 inch rear projection TV to the Museum.

May 14th: The "Living Here" section of the Utica OD had two great articles featuring the Children's Museum. Thank you, Mary Manno, for the great article on page 7, thanks to the website, and sponsors Gaffney, MVCC, Cellular Shop, and Pace Maker Miller for sponsoring the back cover, which featured the Zoo and the Children's Museum.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch continues to think of creative ways in which non-profits without large PR budgets can get this great coverage, and the sponsors for understanding the importance of two great local institutions.

Saturday night, April 29th, at the Stanley before the Utica Symphony Performance of the Planets by Gustave Holst, Elizabeth Leyh, the Children's Museum's Artist-In-Residence and some of the kids who created the planets were brought on stage with their creations to take a deserved bow. (view pictures)

Bill Steppe, Elfun Coordinator, called from vacation in Fayetteville to tell us that GE has okayed our request for a Weather Station on the Third Floor of the Museum. Matt Dinardo of WKTV says Vic Vetters of WKTV has okayed WKTV Weather School Programs to be held at the Museum. Christine Wood of Kids Against Pollution has reported that NYPIRG will add a special exhibit about global warming to the Weather Station.

Also, speaking of great TV folks ---thanks go to Barbara Roberts of WUTR who chose the Children's Museum to submit a $25,000 grant to the WKTV's parent company to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Also WCNY for a great 7 minute video piece about the Museum that aired on Monday morning.

Marlene Brown, who attended our brainstorming meeting on Thursday evening in early April, reports that the website is almost ready to go "live", and that there will be more exciting developments in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Speaking of the meeting, it was very productive -- thanks to Val Cognetto and Darlene Mahady and Duke Mosakowski for putting it together and all of should send thanks to Gina Rossi and Gabriel of Rossi Advertising, Jane Clark of Jane Clark Inc, along with Marlene for their input and thanks to the Board Members and to the staff for attending.

Elizabeth Leyh, Artist-In-Residence, thanks for taking time to attend, even though her Mom is ill and her son was in town for only two days -- she impressed us all with her great work. Thanks to our educators Alicia and Mary for their wonderful presentations.

The diorama's have been looked at by an Expert Restoration artist and the Insurance on this and other objects lost in the flood is near a monetary resolution. We are working on the "Temporary" photographic display that will replace them while they are being repaired (paid for by Insurance).

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Planets for Symphony taking shape!

Planets debuted at Symphony event!

Enter Our Contest!

During Earth Week, Elizabeth Leyh, our Artist-In -Residence, worked with kids to create a scale model of the solar system including all nine planets. These sculptures were on display the week of April 24th at the Children's Museum and were at the Stanley Theatre on Saturday evening, April 29th for the featured performance by the Utica Symphony Orchestra of Gustave Holts, "The Planets".

On May 1st the individual Planets will be displayed at area sights that correspond to the actual distances of the Planets to the Sun but in our scale model, the sun is the barrel vault of the Stanley Theatre. The Closest Planet to the Sun, Mercury will be sited at Utica City Hall and the farthest, (and smallest) Pluto will be appearing in Boonville, 21 miles away! ---other planets will be at Rome City Hall and other sites chosen to be in proportion to the scale. Jupiter, the largest planet in our tiny solar system is 32inches in diameter and Pluto just 1/2 inch.

How big would you say the Earth is? Send us your answer on our Contest form, and if your answer is drawn from the correct answers, you'll win a Free Family Membership to the Children's Museum, or tickets to next year's Family Series Concerts of the Utica Symphony Orchestra! Submit your answer today -- on our form here

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What's happening here???

Enter Contest 2....

We're working with Juanita Finn in Remsen on a "Boulder Day" event--possibly recreating the event depicted in the photograph above. (courtesy of the Adirondack Museum) What do you think is happening in the photograph?

What song plays when you log on to the Children's Museum Website? And where on our Website is there a connection with the song, and what is it? Enter your answer for a chance to win one of our neat gifts in our Gift Center.

Send us your guesses on our Contest form, and if your answer is drawn from the correct answers, you'll win a Free Family Membership to the Children's Museum, or T-shirt and hat from the Museum! Submit your answer today -- on our form here

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April 2000: Pictures of the Utica Symphony and Planet activities

Where the Planets are going to be located: Mercury - Utica Public Library; Venus - Utica City Hall; Earth - The Children's Museum; Mars - Donovan Middle School; Jupiter - Proctor High School; Saturn - Sangertown Mall; Uranus - Rome City Hall; Neptune - The office of the Waterville Times, Waterville; Pluto - For Goodness Sake Health Foods in Boonville.

Youngsters at Utica Symphony performance with planets: Mercury, Esther Wagner; Venus, Steven Pavlik; Earth, Sarah Watson; Mars, Amy Barra; Jupiter, Zach Dinnerstein; Saturn, Kristen Philpotts; Uranus, Conrad Stafford; Neptune, Tamila Lojewska; Pluto, Kelsie and Mimi Mackley

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Museum Board & Staff & Other Pictures of Interest

June 13th, 2000 - Director and board members sharing successes at end of year board dinner

Staff and partners and board

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Earth Week: celebrated in April. NYSCA: NYS Council of the Arts affiliation