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GE Elfun's put up decorations in park to prepare for Holiday on Main Street

Nimo & Rig-All prepare the lights

Smiley the Clown paints faces & hands at the Children's Museum

Board President Marlene Brown & her grandchildren introduce Columbus School

Crowds wander the many exhibits

Arts & Crafts table was a popular spot

Outside, horse & buggy rides were offered

The crowd lined up, waiting for Santa

Santa & Mrs. Claus are escorted from the North Pole express train

Spending the afternoon with boys & girls on their lap, sharing Christmas wishes

The police horse patrol was enjoyed

Lite 98.7 was live on-air

Adelphia filmed events for TV

Crowds continued to come into Museum

Utica Zoomobile visits Children's Museum

The spellbound audience enjoyed

GE Elfun explains new dinosaur-bird

The toy soldier caster with interested kids
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Playing with one of the new musical exhibits & trying out our popular car during Holiday on Main Street

Our donated doll house on our 2nd floor stage will be used in our Theatre Workshop

On the 2nd floor, Baby Brach overlooks our new GE Elfuns Fossil Center.

School group poses on our stairs

Enjoying Hank is fun time! To top * To text

Families & kids enjoy the three floors of interactive exhibits + the train tours

KAP Director begins Earth Day 2002

U.N. youth involved in Earth Day 2002

Help KAP prepare for S.Africa Conference

Local elected officials support the Museum
by attending various events, including 5th Day

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Gravity exhibit arrives at Museum, compliments NetTest! L.toR.: Jim Nerschook, Matt Paoni, GM Jim Gelose

Waiting to begin the Easter Egg Hunt!

Meeting the Easter Bunny in person!
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Our 1st annual Mohawk Valley Trivia contest w/the teams of County Exec Ralph Eannace & Sheriff Dan Middaugh!

3/02: A fun, educational, catered event that was enjoyed by all! Read more here. To top

3/02: Our CM birthday parties continue to delight young & old. Book your party here.

Book your party or program here.
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The Feb. Children's Museum Art Contest, sponsored by Dr. Sanjeev Vasishtha of St. Eve's, drew 32 entries, exhibited on our 3rd floor. View pictures of entries & winners.

Celebrating MLK, Jr. Day at the Children's Museum by Saturn car

Viewing our popular live bee exhibit

Inside the train's dining car

Mother & daughter enjoying Playspace

Jan. 02, our popular gravity exhibit
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Our resanded 1st floor shines!

Syracuse teacher enjoys as his class takes part in an educational field trip to CM

Board Vice Pres Dave Pendergast enjoys sharing info with the class, as they learn about native culture w/President Marlene

Whitesboro students in Longhouse, 11-01

Trying on native American clothing

County Exec Ralph Eannace & Board President Marlene on WIBX telling folks about new "Children's Museum Community Heroes" & 5th Day 2001

A lively Music for Munchkins program, enjoyed by Parents, grandparents, & munchkins of all ages!

Choosing their instruments to join the band

Marching to a patriotic song

Board President Marlene Brown teaches history of the Iroquois longhouse
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Jr Junction held their party at CM Oct. 29th w/over 200 adults & children enjoying

Boys build a neat lego design!

Twins enjoy the grocery store!

Halloween 2001 at Children's Museum To pictures * To top * To text

View pictures from our successful Aug 8th, '01 4th Annual Wine & Art Celebration to benefit the Children's Museum!

Children's Museum Board President Marlene Brown accepts check from Walmart's Barry Depot & Bill Clingon

July 2001 PRI Educator Paul Hartnick with Tusk of giant mastondon at PRI labs To pictures * To top * To text

Doe and fawns installed in their new home
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Volunteers: Eagle Scouts, Ryan Dotstie, Jason Dotstie, Nick Wagner, w/advisor John Ivory
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June 2000, a birthday girl celebrated with friends at CM puppet show & workshop

Patents and children alike enjoyed the puppet show, especially meeting the artists
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Utica Symphony performs "Construction Zone"
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Carleton's presentation at the CM (Josh's camp song inspired "Const Zone" theme)

Pete Schulz, the restoration expert commissioned by CM to repair local history Dioramas seriously damaged by water in the Jan 18 flood, supervised reinstallation of repaired dioramas

History Dioramas damaged in flood return to the Children's Museum "good as new" Read more To pictures * To top * To text

AFSA Data enjoys exclusive corporate Holiday Party at Children's Museum

Santa w/5 year old Benjamin Mastrionni from NYC at Children's Museum

Educators & volunteers doing arts & crafts

Crowds see Santa & Horse & Buggy rides

Bernie Coffe, Local 43 Electricians Union, drills for Lights on CM

Bob Robertelli casts tin soldiers and enthralls the Museum crowd
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Oneida County Executive Ralph Eannace arrives at the Children's Museum with a troop of Girl Scouts to enjoy the Children's Museum Christmas on Main Street activities

Mayor Tim Julian, wife Laurie & Nicky view bees in the Living Science Learning Center

Friday evening the lights are working!

And "Elvis" is in the Main St. House!
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"Locking" through Lock 17 (read more)

Halloween gets celebrated at the Museum!

Old Tavern house exhibit features photography of the project, by 3rd grader Caleb Blair

Our Mosaic Nature Trail

New cement sculptures...
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...join Mama Bear & her cub

Leather Stocking Ballet & Harvest Day below

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Mohawk School's 4th Grade Class leaves for SchoolBoat. More here

New Erie Canal Play (left)

Clowns, Pumpkin decorating, opossums and foxes were all a part of the outdoor Harvest Day. Indoors at the Museum, the Vets room was enjoyed. To pictures * To top * To text

Rutsuko Yamada and Japanese Interpreter, visiting Children's Museum, with Christine Shahin-Wood
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GiaFressella, summer volunteer, supervises Art Team working on nature trail

3rd annual Wine & Art Celebration!
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CM News:

Nov. 8th, 2000 CM Volunteers: The Children's Museum is grateful to always be able to count on the Boy Scouts of America to volunteer to help the the Children's Museum. Over the years, the Boys Scouts have volunteered with several projects including making storm windows for the Museum and helping paint and maintain exhibits and displays.

The Eagle Scouts have also done Community Projects involving the youth in the community in projects designed to offer new projects or programs to the Museum. Last year the North Utica Boy Scouts raked leaves in Bagg's Square Park in preparation for Christmas on Main Street. Their volunteer spirit was celebrated in an editorial in the Observer Dispatch which pointed to this as the kind of effort our community needs -- youth involvement in community events. They will be returning this year.

Eagle Scout Paul Balzano designed and built a Bocce Court in the Museum courtyard between the Museum and Bagg's Square as part of our Annual Folk Art Festival which celebrated Italian heritage, songs and games. This semester Nick Wagner, Eagle Scout of Troop 14 in New Hartford is building an Ethernet Network of Computers with computers that have been donated to the Museum. He has enlisted the help of area students Ryan and Jason Dotstie and the technical expertise of of Eagle Scout advisor John Ivory. The four computers that are networked together are now "talking to each other " and the lab should be ready by early 2001. Three cheers for the young.

But the volunteer spirit is also alive among our seniors citizens. After last year's Christmas on Main Street Celebration --the Christmas Decorations were packed off by the GE Elfun Society to Deerfield and fourteen of them were cleaned, repaired and repainted by the Deerfield Senior Citizens Association. They will be back in the park soon brightly welcoming in the Holiday Season. This is the time of the year when these kinds of efforts should be heralded -- so hats off to volunteers! To pictures * To top * To text

Nov. 6th: On Monday, November 6, students at Columbus Elementary are excited about their "Construction Zone" Hats and the prospect of attending two more Saturday Family Series Concerts. Olga, a student who had recently come to the USA from Russia, said; "I was glad I could take my mother to the concert and to the museum." Melanie, who is president of the 'Early Act Club' at the School attended the concert and then went to her Saturday Dance Class . "I loved it", she said. The students have the assignment of making their own "Passport to the Arts" from a page in the "Tutti", the Utica Symphony program notes they received on Saturday. With their "passports" they will get credit for attending concerts and art programs and have the opportunity to win free tickets to events throughout the Cultural Corridor.

Nov. 4th: A recent art program in our community involved visual art and music, two international artists, a world premier and two arts organizations involved in involving children in the artistic process. The two organizations were the Utica Symphony Orchestra and the Children's Museum. The two artists were Carleton Clay, composer and principal trumpeter of the Utica Symphony and our Artist-In-Residence, Elizabeth Leyh. Both artists have International reputations, Carleton has worked all over the USA and Europe; Liz has worked in England and Israel; both have taught art at prestigious universities; both have won awards; both share a love of Upstate New York, Carleton performing with the Utica Symphony, the Catskill Symphony and the Glimmerglass Opera Orchestra. Elizabeth is working on community arts projects for the Children's Museum, Kernan School and having her work exhibited at the CNYCAC art gallery.

On Saturday several area children experienced the world premier of Carleton Clay's "Construction Zone" at the Stanley Theater. The work was conceived as a 'teaching piece" aimed at young people designed to demonstrate musically the way a piece of music is constructed. Among the audience were children who have worked with Elizabeth at the Children's Museum and at Columbus Elementary school on sculptural projects. Caleb and Stosh Blair, Lewis Alvarez, Desire Allen Danny, Olga, and others all participated in an afternoon of art making after hearing the music and having lunch with Carleton and hearing about how he produced his music.

The children constructed sculptural relief's inspired by musical instruments. The orchestral piece was inspired by Carleton's son Joshua's experience at summer YMCA camp learning a camp "ditty" that was a musical joke about the councilors at camp. Joshua and his own children were at the premier and joined in the fun at the Museum The kids were invited to the concert and after wards to have lunch with the composer and his family, talk to him about his work and then to do a construction project of their own. In many ways, it was an inspiring day where adults and children shared the joy of creation and celebrated the arts. To pictures * To top * To text

Nov. 5th: History Dioramas return to the Children's Museum Pete Schulz, the expert restoration expert commissioned by the Children's Museum to repair four Local history Dioramas seriously damaged by water in the January 18 flood, supervised the reinstallation of the repaired dioramas to the museum on Sunday morning. An expert crew of art movers and installers worked under Peters supervision as the four dioramas were returned to the museum.

For several months, Mr. Schulz has been diligently working to restore the works created in 1941 by WPA artists under E. N. Clark, a local painter who oversaw their construction. Included among the artists who worked on this project was Henry De Spirito, a sculptor who later became the artist-in-residence at Utica College for several years and whose work graces the campus and other sites in our area. The restoration work took place in Syracuse and the most seriously damaged works are now not only complete again, but are cleaned of the dust and grime that has accumulated over the years.

The diorama of Samuel Morse's studio, for example, now has antique wallpaper that perfectly matches the original that was destroyed in the flood. The wallpaper was taken from the last 17feet of it that still existed in a wallpaper warehouse. The tools, some as small as 1/2 inch, and other objects in the Morse studio are completely restored. All four dioramas now take their place as the only permanent exhibit of the history of Utica and the Mohawk Valley on the second floor of the Museum. We invite everyone to come down and rediscover this wonderful part of our history now made brighter by Peter Schulz.

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Oct. 30th: We have set up a special area of the second floor for our new installation. Included are a model of the Lewis House (this was a working class hotel where many immigrants who worked on the canal stayed when in Utica) in a specially designed movable case produced for the Museum by Faster Form.

The model was created by artist Anthony D'Apice and is on loan to the Museum for two years. It will eventually go in "The Museum of the Immigrant" with several of Tony's models that depict life in Utica during the days of the Erie Canal, along with a Canastota Wagon and a Packet Boat created for the Museum by Erist Amitin. We are also in the process of preparing an interactive multimedia display that puts visitors behind the wheel of a boat going through a lock on the Erie Canal.

We have commissioned Herkimer BOCES Video Technology Department to create the video. Bill Carrol and his crew shot the video on Oct. 20 and they are busy editing it. In preparation we set up the display with some stock footage of the the SchoolBoat going through Lock 17 in Little Falls and debuted it for visitors at Friday Evening's Halloween Party. When the Display is in place, bistros will be able to virtually lock through Marcy Lock 20 from the vantage of the Captain's point of view. To pictures * To top

October 27th: A Fun & Busy Weekend at the Children's Museum!

Friday's Halloween Party was featured on the 11 o'clock WUTR Channel 20 News. On Saturday, October 28 from 1pm to 3pm, The Children's Museum dedicated the second stage of the Outdoor Learning Center at Bagg's Square Historical Park. The first section of the mosaic Nature Trail created by Artist-In-Residence Liz Leyh and about 25 children is now installed in the Park surrounded by freshly planted junipers. Also joining Mama Bear and Cub is another group of cement sculpture created by Liz and her Art crew which included children and adult volunteers.

In the Old Tavern house, an exhibit featuring photographic documents of the project and a special drawing exhibit of the work of Caleb Blair, a talented third grader who worked on the Nature trail during the summer. So inspired was Caleb by his work with Liz, that he began producing several drawings of animals, both real and imaginary, that he envisioned could become part of the project.

Caleb is the embodiment of the Museum's mission. He learned about sculpture, experienced working with a real artist and other children and created his own inspired drawings. We are proud of Caleb, as well as the other children who worked on the project. All their names will be listed in a publication that Liz and the children are now preparing.

Also in attendance were many of the children who worked on the project. A news crew from WKTV, Channel 2, interviewed the Children and the event was featured on the 6pm and 11pm news. The Lowel Foundation has given the Museum a grant to continue the project in 2001. An area featuring a pond and a deer is the next phase of the project. Work will begin this winter. Return to pictures * Back to top

October 20th: Boats, Trains Busses! The Children's Museum had its first group of students participate in the Erie Canal SchoolBoat Oneida County Program. Thirty of Mrs. Murray's Fourth graders began the day on the Erie Canal boarding the SchoolBoat at Lock 20 at Marcy; they "locked through" the Lock and sailed to Utica's Harbor Lock and boarded a bus to come to the Children's Museum for lunch and to participate in our new Erie Canal History Program.

Another group of thirty students began their day at the museum, and after lunch boarded a bus to Harbor Lock to board the SchoolBoat and return through Lock 20 to Marcy. Alicia Skaly prepared a special program which included the history of faster and more efficient transportation and how the Mohawk Valley became the center of economic progress that created the American Empire.

Aboard the SchoolBoat, historian Tony Tennil explained the dynamics of a Lock and the history of the the Erie Canal and the Barge Canal System. At Noon, Columbus Elementary School's Explorers, honor roll students from Columbus (And Museum Members!) went on a ride on the Adirondack Railroad. The Utica Rotary sponsored this program and the Children's Museum provided "Junior Deputy Sheriff's Badges" to each Explorer and child aboard the train donated by Oneida County Sheriff, Dan Middaugh. Return to pictures * Back to top

October 12th:

  • By popular demand, our $35 membership sale will continue until October 31st.
  • We have a new $60 Family Arts Membership: Full Family Membership to the Children's Museum plus 4 Symphony Family Series Saturday Concert Tickets and two tickets to the MHV Ballet's Nutcracker at the Stanley. This makes a great gift for the entire family and is in time for Holiday Giving. Think about giving the gift of culture and hands-on fun to your favorite family with kids. This is an $89.00 value for $60.00.
  • Next Month --more new membership options including the Gold Star Membership! This will be a family membership plus recognition in the form of a gold engraved star in the entrance to the Museum at $100, in place for Fifth Day.
  • Christmas on Main Street preparations are underway.
  • We met with Oneida County Planning on the new Environmental Interactive Exhibit.
  • Alicia prepared a Children's Museum Folder with our new Kathy Donovan designed Brochure and information about all our new Education Programs. These will be distributed through Oneida County BOCES to the 70 School Principals at their Oct. meeting; later to Herkimer County Districts.
  • Liz Leyh and her crew are making finishing touches for this phase of the Park Sculpture area. Things are taking shape for next phase of the project.
  • Donations to the Ad Book and Auction items for 5th Day are coming in to Chairs Marlene and Treichele. Return to pictures * Back to top

October 12th: Preparations are underway for the Children's Museum Fifth Day Gala and Silent Auction, Saturday, December 2, 2000.

The Children's Museum has begun preparations for its Annual Fifth Day Gala at the Museum on the evening of Saturday, December 2, 2000. The Museum is seeking local businesses and organizations to help by submitting ads to the event brochure and by donating auction objects.

The Gala, which is an annual event at the museum, raises as much as 25% of the operating costs of the Museum each year. This year the event is especially important because the museum experienced a flood which damaged areas of the building, and repair costs exceed the amount of insurance.

The Museum has been awarded a grant by the Ackerley Fund for a new interactive Erie Canal Exhibit, which is scheduled for 2001.

Tickets to the gala are available by calling 724-6129. Ad Book listings are available by calling Marlene Brown, Ad Book Chair at 853-1318. Auction items can be donated by calling the Museum at 724-6129 or writing Treichelle Johnson, Auction Chair, in care of The Children's Museum, 311 Main Street, Utica, NY. To pictures * To top * To text

October 9th, Monday - Arts Day at Children's Museum! On October 9th, Art Day at the Museum, we had special guests: the Leather Stocking Ballet with a great performance for children and families, and we debuted in Utica a scene from our new Erie Canal Play--Daymon Night's Secret Treasure.

The play, written by Rick Chessler for UticaArts, will be performed in schools, at the Children's Museum, and every week next summer during Utica Monday Night. The scene is of the opening celebration in Utica of the first section of the Canal connecting Utica and Rome that was completed in 1819. The play is available to schools by calling the Museum.

10am-5pm : Admission $3.50, Free to members: The Children's Museum is open Monday October 9, a school holiday. The Museum is presenting a special Art Day for kids as part of the area celebration of October as Art and Culture Month.

There will be special events including a special presentation by the Leatherstocking Ballet at 11am and at 1pm a debut of a scene from a children's play 'Daymon NighT's Secret Treasure". All during the day, the museum's staff will present arts, crafts and musical activities for children.

The play, commissioned by Utica Artist Lynn Mishalanie, commemorates the 175th Anniversary of the Erie Canal. It will be performed in area schools this year as part of the Arts Coalition of the Cultural Corridor's Passport to the Arts program. The scene is the Celebration of the opening of the Canal from Utica to Rome in 18---. Visitors will be invited to become part of the cast and participate in building a set, creating costumes and then acting out of the scene. Lynn Mishalanie will act as Stage Manager and narrator for the special performance.

Children's Museum Artist-In-Residence, Elizabeth Leyh will also be on hand from 2pm to 5pm working with her Art Team, children and adult volunteers, to put the final touches on the Nature Trail and new sculptors that were created for Bagg's Square Historic Park. Joining Mama Bear and Cub in the Outdoor Environmental area of the park , are new sculptures of a fox, an opossum and her young, squirrel and chipmunk.

The Nature Trail created using a mosaic technique contains footprints of the bears and flora and fauna of the Forest cast in cement that were created by children over the last several months at the museum. Ms. Leyh has just been awarded a grant from the Lowell Foundation to continue her residency at the Museum in 2001.

A reception celebrating the Nature Trail and announcing the next phase of the outdoor environmental area will take place on October 28 from 2pm to 4m at Bagg's Square Park. To pictures * To top * To text

September 30th was a wondrous day in the Mohawk Valley - sunshine, 70 degree weather and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins as the Children's Museum and Cornell Cooperative Extension celebrated the harvest and the families that produce our food in a Harvest celebration.

Main Street was closed for a Farmers Market that featured pumpkins, gourds, corn and apples and much more. Bagg's Square was the site of Pumpkin games, clowns, face-painting and, of course, pumpkin carving and decoration. Liz Leyh was there working with the Art Team getting ready for the Grand Opening of Stage Two of our outdoor environmental learning area. To pictures * To top * To text

September 12th: Rutsuko Yamada, a sixth grade teacher from Nagoya, Japan, visited local schools and stopped by the Children's Museum to view our Living Science Learning Center and Bagg's Square Outdoor Learning Area. Rutsuko met with Christine Shahin-Wood and members of Kids Against Pollution, and with local civic leaders, including Mayor Tim Julian, at the Museum. Her visit was part of her research in developing similar programs in Nagoya.

To pictures * To top * To text

Saturday, September 9th: As part of Children's Museum Outreach to the Mohawk Valley Community,, the Children's Museum hosted the Children's Stage at the Rome "Taste of the Arts" Festival on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Featured this year were a host of area performers and artists and the Debut of a new Children's Play about the Erie Canal presented by Utica Arts and the Arts Coalition of the Cultural Corridor. The event started in the morning with Storyteller Beth Teggart, and later included a participatory performance by the Rome Community Theater, a Bug Hunt by Children's Museum Educator Liz Irons and a demonstration of wood carving techniques by Children's Museum Artist in residence, Liz Leyh.

The Play, The Secret of Daimon Nite, was performed by children and also included Lynn Mishalanie of UticaArts, Evelyn Murphy of the Utica Symphony and Tony. The kid performers were Dana Irons, Tara Murphy Elena Swanson and Kevin Korel. The scene that was chosen was the groundbreaking of the Erie Canal in Rome in 1817. Also featured were Drew Lech, World Champion Banjo Player. All Day kids participated in Hands-on activities hosted by the CM at the Children's Tent in Ganesvoort Park. To pictures * To top * To text

Work is continuing on the nature trail at Bagg's Square Park. Retaining walls were added to the Nature Trail and the fox and opossum will shortly join Mama & Baby Bear in the Park. The Pumpkin Patch and American Indian Garden have been doing great---despite the lack of sunshine. Pumpkins should be ready for the Fall Festival on September 30th. To pictures * To top * To text

August 4th: What a wonderful time we had on the maiden voyages of the School Boat. Some neat statistics: 1.) The oldest person taking the SchoolBoat Trip was a Presbyterian Home resident who is 101 years old --this means he was 13 when Lock 20 was built. 2.) The youngest were twins, less than one year old. Their parents are Hans Boyesen and Donna Zino of Nichols Boyesen Zino Advertising-- Hans is the designer of the SchoolBoat Logo

3.) WUTR covered the SchoolBoat at 5, 5:30 & 6pm Friday evening. 4.) A reporter & photographer from OD made the 2pm trip. 5.) Tom Larabee, Commissioner of Economic Development, City of Utica, met us at North Genesee Street overpass and we toured the new construction of Harbor Lock Marina. Parts of the project will be complete by November. 6.) New York Canal Authority had a model of the Lock at the Park. 7.) Bill Steppe of GE Elfuns took notes for the Museum's New Ackerley Exhibit. To pictures * To top * To text

August 1st: Dave and Judy Husted, of Husted Concrete Products in New York Mills, are young entrepreneurs who place a great deal of importance on family and education. Recently, they have demonstrated their community spirit by lending their expertise and material support to the Bell Monument that was recently dedicated to the Polish immigrants who worked in the Mills . They have been corporate members of the Museum and where eager to find out how they could help the Museum. They have agreed to help with creating a new stairway to the front entrance of the Museum!

The stairs have deteriorated over the years and now with the new materials and techniques that the Husted's have developed, a partnership of artist, kids, construction workers and engineers can begin work soon on a new decorative stairway which will grace the Museum's entrance. It will be designed to last, like everything that the Husted's make, from bridge supports to cement pipes. The Children's Museum is grateful for the support of Dave and Judy Husted, who are committed to helping kids and families of our community while building an exciting new business.

To pictures * To top * To text

JULY NEWS: On Wednesday, July 20, the Children's Museum announced the $25,000 Ackerley Grant at a Press Conference at the CM. The event was covered by WUTR Channel 20 and by the OD. At the Press Conference, WUTR's Station Manager, Barbara Roberts, agreed that in addition to helping us secure the grant, WUTR will become a corporate member, and sponsor the new Weather Station, and also run 15 to 20 second ads for our membership drive.

WUTR Meterologist Mike Cameron has been at the Museum working with the staff, and Doug Flanagan has called confirm that the ad is in the works! Thanks to Community minded friend Barbera Roberts. Speaking of WUTR, Treichelle Johnson confirmed to Duke Mosakowki that she will join our Board. Welcome to our "Community Advocate of 1999-2000', now board member Treichell!

Marlene Brown has been quite busy, securing sponsors of Exhibits in Exploration Space! Thank you to Marlene and Technotouch and b2be! She has also given passwords and id's to all organizations in the Mohawk Valley that produce activities for children. Click "What's New" flashing icon to see what's going on! Soon, MWPI, the U symphony, the Ballet, CNYCAC, Libraries and School Districts, Art and Cultural Orgs will have a place on our Website's Kids Events Calendar to find the best programs in the area -weeks and months in advance (or in a few hours).

Ron Theile of CNYAC has asked the Children's Museum to submit an application for Oneida County funding in the 2001 Budget. We are one of the few Children's Museums in North America without Municipal Funding----we need the support of the County in exchange for the work that we do for its citizens! We believe that with the increase in the Arts budget we have a chance.

AT THE MUSEUM: New Park Furniture at Bagg's Square Park, thanks to the City of Utica, all set for WINE AND ART AUCTION. Several artists have already submitted work---Please ask artists for work to auction at this years' summer fund-raiser.

Boulder Arrives --This weekend the Great Boulder Days took place in Remsen and the recreation of one of Mohawk Valley's most interesting historical events has taken place. A boulder has arrived at Bagg's Square.

Sculpture Space tour draws kids and adults to Museum. On Tuesday, several kids and adults visited the 5 sculptures that are sighted in Utica as part of Sculpture Space's 25th Anniversary, including our own in Bagg's Square Park. Dan Buckingham and Tony Clementi presented a talk and slide show to enlighten kids about the techniques, methods and processes that Sculptors undertake in creating their work.

Dan Buckingham, Sculptor, Professor at MWPI and Board Member of Sculpture Space came downtown on Tuesday with several children and families to see the five sculptures that are sighted in Utica for Sculpture Space's twenty-fifth Anniversary, including Jerlkea Zempel's Caryitid in Bagg Square Park --and to show slides about contemporary Sculpture at the Children's Museum. Dan joined Tony presenting a talk and slide show to enlighten kids about the techniques, methods and processes that Sculptors undertake in creating their work.

Wednesday will be the second of five Wednesday Adirondack RXR / Children's Museum tours sponsored by the Oneida County Youth Bureau. 200 kids are on a waiting list for the program that takes 6o kids a week to Holland Patent, back to Union Station, and then to the Museum for a program. We are waiting to hear if more Wednesday's will be booked to accommodate those on the waiting list.

Finally: Our good friends at Rossi Advertising are putting the final touches on our Membership Drive Package-----and Doug Flanagan will be working with them to air spots on UTR----but why wait--Our goal is 800 members and we have almost 350 now! Why not ask a friend, relative or even a colleague at work to become a member? We can all help to reach this important goal. Buy a membership as birthday gift or as a going back to school surprise.

Extra: We are featuring a Family Arts membership which includes a family membership to the CM, Four tickets to Utica Symphony Family Saturday AM Concerts, and Two Tickets to the MHV Ballet's Nutcracker for $60.00! Call Sherry to find out more. To pictures * To top * To text

July 19th: The Children's Museum is one of twelve outstanding organization that have been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Ackerley Group, the parent organization of local WUTR, Channel 20. The Museum was asked by Station Manager, Barbara Roberts of WUTR, to write a grant that was made available to local affiliates to celebrate Ackerley's twenty-fifth Anniversary. The Children's Museum submitted a grant for a new Erie Canal hands-on Water Exhibit with two working locks. The exhibit will be coordinated with the Herkimer BOCES SchoolBoat Program and be added to the new Erie Canal exhibits that are being prepared by the Museum staff.

The Children's Museum is the Utica site of the Herkimer BOCES SchoolBoat program. Starting this fall, students will be able to board the Schoolboat on the Erie Canal in Marcy lock through Lock 20, sail to Harbor Point in Utica, and then be taken to the Museum for an educational tour of the Museum's new Erie Canal exhibits. The exhibits will feature a model of an Old Erie Canal lock and an Erie Canal General Store created by Architectural Miniaturist Anthony D'Apice, which was funded by a grant from the Metropolitan Life Foundation.

The new Ackerley funded exhibit will soon be added and will be featured on the first floor of the museum. The exhibit will demonstrate how locks work, and will be designed and built with the help of the GE Elfun Society. It will be ready by the fall of 2001. When the exhibit is installed, the Children's Museum will join other children's museums in North American with water exhibits that engage children's participation and educate them on the dynamics of water. To pictures * To top * To text

July 18th: The Weather Station is online! Thanks to a generous grant by the GE Fund and the hard work and dedicated work by the GE Elfun Society, volunteers like WKTV's Matt Dinardo and Museum Staff, the Children's Museum Weather Station is now On Line! Soon, kids and families will be able to fun, learn about meteorology and report and record weather phenomenon. WUTR's Mike Cameron is working with Museum Staff on some exciting programs that will be upcoming this fall. Check back here on our website, and in our newsletter, Fingerprints, for the latest news from our Weather Station and come to the Museum to see the new Weather Station.

July 13th: Today a very special project was dedicated at the Presbyterian Home in New Hartford. Children's Museum Artist-In-Residence, Elizabeth Leyh, worked with children and senior citizens to create a birdbath that today graces the garden at the Home. Elizabeth's philosophy is that no matter how old or young you are, no matter if you are rich or poor, any one can be creative and each of us can use our imagination.

Elizabeth asked the residents to come up with a theme for a BirdBath that would be sited into the garden. Because ducks often use the existing fountain at the Home each spring, the theme of ducks was chosen. Then at last year's Fall Festival, kids worked on the mosaic for the bath. Presbyterian Home residents came to the Children's Museum to finish the mosaic for the Birdbath. This Intergenerational project, which united the creativity of senior citizens and children, will now be a center piece of the garden and will be part of the wonderful atmosphere of the senior center. To pictures * To top * To text

July 7th: Gary Jeffries and Mike Busco of the Hartford Insurance Company presented a check to the Children's Museum this morning in the amount of $1,000 to defray the costs associated with the January Flood. The event was covered by WKTV's Heather Kovar--watch tonight's news at 5pm, 6pm and/ or 11pm for coverage. We are pleased that even on Boilermaker Weekend, WKTV sent a crew to the Children's Museum. Good Luck to the runners, volunteers and everyone associated with the Boilermaker & Runner's Hall of Fame.

July 2nd: Now parents and kids can instantly find out what great events especially suited for children are going on in the Mohawk Valley. Before you plan your day, check out the MV KIDS EVENTS CALENDAR hosted by our Children's Museum website at for the latest event, program, or performance. Don't be a couch potato -- Learn --- Experience --- Explore --- the Mohawk Valley and all it has to offer!

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