.....THE MUSEUM'S FUTURE, how we've grown & where we're going -
Please Contact Your Council member and County Legislator to help us get there!

The Children's Museum of History, Science & Technology is proud of its growth over the past decade as an enjoyable facility for our children and families, a valuable educational resource, and a premiere tourist attraction. Permanently Chartered by NYS Board of Regents, the Children’s Museum Curriculum Enrichment Exhibits and Programs meet NYS Learning Standards in the Arts, SS, & MST. We'd like to share with you our outlook for the future and ongoing efforts to ensure that your Museum can move forward in the most prosperous way possible. The Museum is grateful for the support it has received from the community. We have been in discussions regards our request to be added to the budgets of both the City of Utica and the County of Oneida for modest contributions which will enable us to lower costs for the City of Utica and the County of Oneida residents and school districts. We have requested funding in 2009, 2010and again in 2011 for a CDBG grant, Oneida County bed tax funds, and United Way funds (when folks express surprise that we don't already receive this funding and ask us why, we reply that the original founders, some nearly 50 years ago, never expected us to grow as we have!

We are very proud of the Children's Museum growth this past decade. We are asking the community to lend its voice in support to your City Council representatives, the County Executive & your Board of Legislature representatives. Please let them know, whether by phone, letter or e-mail, that you value what your museum brings to the community, and encourage them to commit to keeping the museum growing for the future. Below is information for contacting each of them, along with some sample letters to get you started in letting your voice be heard. Read the American Association of Museum's 2011 economic impact letter!

Sample letters to City of Utica Common Council Members:
Child Sample letter.doc / .pdf * Adult Resident Sample letter.doc / .pdf * Business Owner Sample Letter.doc

Sample letters to County Board of Legislators: Child Sample letter.doc / * Adult Resident Sample letter.doc / * Business Owner Sample Letter.doc

Click here to get your City of Utica district Council representative's names: City of Utica Common Council Members names & addresses

Click on your County's link to get your Board of Legislator representative's names: Oneida County email & postal addresses & phone numbers * Herkimer County email addresses & phone numbers * Madison County postal addresses & phone numbers *

Marlene B. Brown, former teacher, business futurist & author-
Read Marlene's bio * CPA: Vin Gilroy, Jr.

Articles: 10-09 article on Brown, who was quoted in Newsweek. * 7-09 - Our Future Vision, Standing on Shoulders * 8-10 - Guest View *

CM Feedback Survey * Children's Museum growth this past decade. * Our Science & Technology STEM activities * Our delighted visitors * Our New Stuff/ Exhibits & Volunteers (including links to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages - come follow us!)
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A panoramic view of just a few of the exploration marvels in the Children's Museum


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