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Fri. July 15th & Sat., July 16th, 2005: Come enjoy our Festival of Nations to be held in the Children's Museum.

July 23rd & 24th, 2004 From 5pm to 8pm Friday, July 23rd, an adult, invitation only, reception was held at the museum for media, board of directors, and Erie Canal Folk Festival presenters, sponsored by Garro Pharmacy, Bleecker Street in Utica & WUTR/ WFXV/ WPNY. Then from 9:45am to 3:45pm Saturday, July 24th, the Children's Museum hosted its 1st Annual "Erie Canal Folk Festival". It featured crafts, artifacts, and music from ethnic and cultural groups who are long-time natives of our area or are newcomers to our area - enriching the culture for all of us in the Mohawk Valley. Admission was $4. Visitors joined in the fun, seeing what makes our region so diversely special! The most fun was watching Germans, Haitians, African-Americans, Cambodians teaching each other their traditional dances! View pictures below.

Above: the NYS Canal Corporation's interactive Canal exhibit, is located on our 2nd floor with our Erie Canal exhibits. Right: Anthony guides kids of all ages in interaction with exactly how boats traveled the Erie Canal!

Our Erie Canal Exhibits are popular 2nd floor viewing by folks of all ages

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Erie Canal Hall of Fame: The Museum has a great Erie Canal Hall of Fame exhibit area, with not only lots of information on the canal and the impact it had on Utica and Central NY, but also artifacts from that era. Come visit our interactive canal exhibit where kids of all ages can send the boats down the canal, through the locks!

Our Erie Canal Exhibit is a popular 2nd floor stop

Left and above: the NYS Canal Corporation loaned us their interactive Canal exhibit, located on our 2nd floor with our Erie Canal exhibits

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The Iroquois Indian Longhouse, the first exhibit created for The Children's Museum, first exhibited in 1963 in the basement of the Utica Public Library. This exact full-scale replica is located on the second floor of the Museum, along with numerous native American artifacts, and is a permanent exhibit used for educational programs as well as the enjoyment of the daily museum-goer. This exhibits enhances our multi-media Central New York History Diorama.

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Community Cultural Events

The Culture of the Mohawk Valley, is vast and exciting. Our multi-media Central New York History Diorama reflects some of the cultures to be featured in our Folk Festival.

Finding out about other cultures in our community

Fest brings rides, games, & fun!

Wine & Art event in the Park

We participate in Utica Monday Nite

We hosted the OD's blood drive

Baby Dino Bones rides along with staff & kids in Mohawk Valley's July 4th Parade

Christmas On Main Street, an Annual event where kids of all ages enjoy!

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