Interactive Erie Canal Exhibit at The Children's Museum

L to R: John Stephenson (GE Elfun originator of the exhibit & CM Board Member); Alba Scott (who did the project painting); Bob Dicks (GE Elfun major exhibit builder); Marlene Brown (museum Executive Director); Bill Sheerin (GE Elfun finishing touches exhibit & CM Board Member); and John Nogas, CM Board Chair. Other GE Elfun’s who worked on the project were Ken Driscoll, and Steve Butler.

The GE Elfun's, Children's Museum officials watch children learn!

Interactive Exhibit

The setup at the museum


Erie-Canal-2012-- Utica-1914

Erie Canal Interactive Exhibit Opens at Children's Museum in Utica NY

At 10:00am on Friday, November 23rd, the Children’s Museum will be unveiling an interactive Erie Canal exhibit, created by the GE Elfun’s, including museum Board Members John Stephenson and Bill Sheerin. The other GE Elfun’s who worked on the project include: Bob Dicks, Ken Driscoll, and Steve Butler. Painting was done by Alba Scott.

The Erie Canal played an important role in New York state's history and as an important landmark, this new exhibit at the museum will enable youngsters to work the locks themselves, thus learning, hands-on, how the boats traveled the canal, through the locks.

The exhibit is placed on the Children’s Museum’s 2nd floor, near our other Erie Canal exhibits. The Erie Canal played an important role in New York state's history, and -- through its influence on local tourism -- could play an important role in its future as well. But how much do you know about this local landmark? We have available an Erie Canal quiz for youngsters, who'll complete it & hand it in at the front desk. Once a month, we'll draw a winner, who’ll get one of our new Children’s Museum t-shirts as a prize!

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