Marlene Brown, Executive Director of The Children's Museum of History, Natural History & Science at Utica NY, honored by being chosen 1 of 17 "Women Who Make Amerca" Award Winner. The ceremony was help in the NationalWomen's Hall of Fame, in Seneca Falls. It was the location of the 1848 Women's Rights Convention. The mission of the Hall is "to honor in perpetuity those women, citizens of the United States of America, whose contributions to the arts, athletics, business, education, government, the humanities, philanthropy and science, have been the greatest value for the development of their country."

Marlene was the 4th female District Governor in our District and one of a small % of woman Rovery Governor's in the world.
Marlene & husband Earl founded one of the 1st eRotary Clubs & at that own expsense. The also flew to both India & Haiti to start women's projects. The Children's Museum is the "earthly headquarters" of Rotary eClub NY1, has a large table with flags & info, and sponsors some of the museum's exhibits. Marlene's Bio

Our Children's Musem, adopted by both NASA & The Office of Science, is planning to build a STEM Center w/Planeaarium on one side of the new proposed building, plus offices & loft apt's. on the other side to keep funding the museum.

The Children's Museum, 311 Main Street, Utica NY. serving all of CNY & beyond. has 4 floors w/100;s of interactive exhibits for children of all ages, families, school groups, scouts, seniors, etc. Housed in a beautiful historic building built in the 1890'a.

Marlene proud to be among the Women, like Elizabeth Cady, who were true"Makers of America"

Marlene & husband Earl stand proudly & humbly amongst the bronze stuatutues of those who began the movement for Women's Rights

L to R: Debbie Stack WCNY Director of Education; and Liz Ayers WCNY Director of Development & Grants

Above: The 2013 group of inductees: Right: Liz congratulates Marlene

Sponsored by WCNY, the winners were chosen from 17 different counties in Central New York State. Marlene and her husband Earl have run the museum for over 10 years as unpaid volunteers to keep the doors open and the museum growing for the children and families we serve. Read more here about the museum's involvement in Space & our Planetarium Project: