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September 16, 2004 The Hamilton College Habitat for Humanity group returned once again to the Children's Museum to work on various projects. View pictures below of their work and the results that got a smile!

September 4 & 23rd, 2004 A large student organization, HAVOC (Hamilton College Action Volunteer Outreach Coalition) returned again to the Children's Museum to work on various projects. View pictures below.

Hamilton Habitat putting together a new exhibit

Hamilton Habitat students paint display stands

Hamilton Habitat finishing the Animal Room mural

Hamilton Habitat painting Exploration Station hallway

Hamilton Habitat helps decorate the museum for our Halloween Boo Bash

Giving fresh coat of paint to steps & tables

Hamilton Habitat group poses at end of a busy fun day with museum educators Sally (L.) and Dan (R.)

The new exhibit goes up in PlaySpace, to the delight of wee ones

Hamilton HAVOC students clean Hot Wheels hallway

Reconstructing NASA exhibit on museum's 4th floor

LEFT: Hamilton Havoc students pulling up weeds in back of Children's Museum; ABOVE: painting on 3rd floor Living Science area

A long tiring job done by a group of dedicated students

Even the rooms needed a good cleanup

The 4th floor got a sweeping, mopping & repainting

Plywood got its needed coat of varnish

HAVOC busily involved inside and (right) finding a long worm as they cleaned up outside!

ABOVE: Painting the Living Science area on the 3rd floor; LEFT: Pulling weeds with a smile!

The HAVOC group poses on the Children's Museum famous oak staircase after a day of service to improve what the Utica OD calls a "Community Treasure"

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