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Children's Museum is fully handicapped accessible
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Only Children's Museum in the country to be adopted by both NASA and the Office of Science
NASA partner

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Congressman Hanna visits the Children's Museum in Utica NY
Congressmen Hanna & Tenney Support ltrs

Assemblyman Brindisi & Mayor Palmieri Unveil STEM exhibit

The Children's Museum has an extensive exhibits of trains on 3 of our floors
Trains Galore


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Please Refresh/Reload to make sure the website's current). We're sorry to tell you that the museum is currently closed. We chose to close it in order to renovate our 1 of a kind beautiful historic building. Working hard, our City approved contractors accomplished renovations needed to bring our 100 year old building up to City Code and got necessary certificates! In order to open again, we need another inspection date, which we're waiting to hear on. All volunteers, we receive no funding from City, Co., State, Fed govt., or Tourism Bur. Most people are aware of our extraordinary diligence & commitment to this community institution during these past several years! The children are anxiously awaiting reopeninng! View Codes & Board. Book Reduced Fieldtrips: We accept Coser; honor Scout badges, recognize Sponsors, host Birthday Parties; family outings, playdates! You can't beat what kids learn while enjoying. Check the first few rows on column to the right of this page for some of what's on each of our 4 floors. Hours: Mon., Thurs., Sat, 9:15a-12:15p. Last admission 11am to have time to explore 4 floors & 100's of exhibits, most interactive. Fees: Only $6. children, $7. srs/vets, $8. adults. Children 2/under Free. Activities included in admission + Quiz Prizes.

Board Chair Ms. Celia, entralls youngsters w/STEM /NanoTech

Mr. Joe, Phd, CM Bd Mbr
"Make Solar Comets"

Mr. Brad's 'real' airplane rides

Ms.Mary- HealthyKids Hut

Mr. Earl/Bill built trains we can 'run'!

Our popular Play Dance Floo

Children visiting get to tell Santa & Mrs. Claus Holiday wishes!

Plasma & Energy? Stars? Electricity?

Future: Kids Exploration; STEM Center w/Planetarium, Offices, Lofts

Hamilton College Vols
always here to help CM!

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Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi visits The Children's Museum of Histoory, Science & Technology in Utica NY has 4 floors with 100's of interactiveexhibits for kids of all ages
Assemblyman Brindisi
Support ltr

NYS Sen. Griffo's Proclamation
NYS Sen. Griffo's

ED Marlene inducted into Woman's Hall of Fame
Brown inducted in
Women's Hall of Fame

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The Children's Museum has installed a Wind Turbine on our roof, which you'll be able to view inside the museum, as part of our continuing to go green!
Historic Building

Brand new unique children's t-shirts now available in our Children's Museum gift shop!
Children's t-shirts only
$19.95 + 1 free adult

Interacting w/Erie Canal

Rep. Hanna/CM Exec Dir
Brown at Genesis 1-14

STEM & NanoTech

CM Growth / Support CM

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Winter Brk pix

Optional: As soon we're open again, Sign Up for a Special 12:00 museum Lunch on date TBD, (only an extra $5). You'll get a special NASA gift & be eligible for out grand prize!